close to beating Elton John’s box office

Everything counts in the world of music; From album sales, to streaming and ticket sales of various shows, so every year different artists break or come close to breaking new records. today is the name of the day Taylor Swift talk about why Close to surpassing Elton John’s earnings in relation to ticket sales for his tour.

so far, in fact, most profitable world tour ever “Farewell Yellow Brick Road” was Elton John – The singer’s farewell tour will end on July 8 in Stockholm – with which he gathered 887 millions of dollars in five years.

The previous record was in the name of Ed Sheeran with his “Divide Tour” which grossed him 776 millions of dollars,

Taylor Swift close to surpassing Elton John

According to wall street journal, taylor swift could make a billion dollars Thanks to his “Eraz Tour”, the world tour is still on. If so, he would go down in history as the highest-grossing artist from a world tour.

The still running “Eraz Tour” provides a total 52 stage in the United States, 54 in South America, Asia, Australia And Europe, The tour will end in London in August 2024.

How much are taylor swift tour tickets?

as reported BoardTaylor’s first 52 shows reportedly grossed $590 million The average ticket price was $215 (The cheapest tickets range from $50 to $900 for VIP packages). Tickets to Europe, Asia, Australia and South America are on average about 20-30% cheaper.

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