Closed Market of fish and seafood The Beam by Covid-19



For sanitary contingency, since there is no step gentlemen… since there is no step by sanitary contingency”, could be heard in the speakers.

Despite the health emergency that exists in the City of Mexico by Covid-19, hundreds of residents flocked to the morning of this Holy Thursday, the traditional market of The Beam to make the purchase of fish and seafood in this week.

The Secretariat of Citizen Security reports: we are in a health alert so that you are invited to the citizenship to withdraw from the streets”, it sounded like the audio in the patrols of the SSC.

At the time that the authorities closed this area, at least in the place would have 500 thousand people, which do not respect the healthy distance, most Not wearing covers mouths nor cleaned their hands with hand sanitizers as they make the rules of health.

There are sanitary contingency, and that is obviously what we are avoiding, are the concentrations in the public right of way. The fact that we are here is to invite the citizens to go home, to stay in their homes, so right now we are closing the entrances to prevent people continue entering to buy,” said Paola Aceves, of Civil Protection of the municipality of Cuauhtemoc.

Transit staff of the SSC was cutting the circulation from Fray Servando and the Causeway of the Beam, Fray Servando and Ring road and Road of the Beam and Lorenzo Bouturini.

The area of prepared food was cordoned off with tape in yellow color with the legend “no trespassing”. In addition, it is guarded by personnel of the Agency of Health Protection, while at the fish market fresh closed its doors to control access and only allowed for the step-by groups of 10 in 10 people.

Comes all the people in the family to make their purchases, now it came to operating and want us to withdraw as well as by art of magic. People are going to go removing little by little and we are selling we are going to pick it up, this merchandise there are things that are sewn that heat and we can burn if we do not die for the famous virus someone is going to lifting injury by the fear of the running by the pressure of the authorities,” said Jose Santiago, one of the vendors.

And while uninstalled the posts, around the perimeter of the fish Market of The Beam, traders are wondering what they will do now with all merchandise you bought for the season, the most important of the season of lent.

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