Clothes 28, Louis Tomlinson brand with blockcore, what is it?

One Direction, one of the most influential boy bands of the last twenty years, continues to amaze despite the fact that the line-up officially took a “time out” in 2016. In addition to the brightest star of the five components, that is, Harry Styles, among the remaining active members are also taking up more and more space. Louis Tomlinsonartist who recently launched his first clothing line focused on blockcorea trend that shows up in vintage sportswear that is very popular on TikTok right now.

What is blockcore?

Before starting a new adventure Tomlinson However, one must understand where the aesthetics come from blockcore. We are talking about one of the most aesthetically oriented phenomena of TikTok, whose trend began with a particular user, Brandon Huntley, who offered a very effective aesthetic line between late March and early April, appearing in vintage style videos. football shirt, sneakers and denim boots. A simple look with very refined contours, borrowed directly (or indirectly, who knows) from the latest collections of brands such as Wales Bonner and Gucci, for a decidedly cool, fresh and innovative effect.

Louis Tomlinson Blakecore Life&People Magazine

So among the personalities ready to take the ball is the One Direction member, who has just announced the first collection of his new brand 28 Clothing, with a campaign created by John Gorrigan and curated by Helen Simons that has all the love for the United Kingdom on display.

28 outfits from the UK street side

Already from the photographs taken for the campaign, it is clear in which direction the brand wants to move. Louis Tomlinson: The shots show a very street-like approach that can be summarized in peripheral sets that show models between skate parks and the ubiquitous soccer fields. And football shirts are one of the line’s key pieces, often paired with shorts, joggers and blazers. Also included is a hoodie, polo shirt and windbreaker. The printed brand logo is accompanied by a bouquet of stylized roses for a minimal yet effective effect.

Louis Tomlinson Blakecore Life&People MagazineThe artist obviously did not work alone. Judging by the words in the press release, it seems that the British have made a bet on the pool of creatives, thus forming a proven and expert team that is useful to achieve the final result. Thus, the period of prosperity continues. Tomlinsonwhich during this summer period conducts a world tour, achieving great success at each concert.

How many differences with Harry Styles

The singer’s new brand also shows a big and, above all, exciting difference with Harry Styles, One Direction’s most precious jewel. Even though it may seem out of place on a superficial reading, the comparison of the two styles helps to understand the diversity of approaches between the two band members, united by different souls, but all with greater aesthetic impact.

Louis Tomlinson Blakecore Life&People Magazine

In a certain sense, Stiles can be defined as the banner of clowncore: his playful aesthetic, combining jumpsuit and baggy and sometimes sexless clothes, sent a very strong message to the whole society, and also introduced a new concept of a man who is no longer bound by conventional styles, but can freely express his individuality in even the most bizarre way. TomlinsonConsidering something more canonical, at least on paper, he instead wanted to step on the gas in regards to the cultural diversity of his country of origin, putting together the various pieces of the puzzle (football and street culture), projecting them in a modern and trendy way. . It’s impossible not to be fascinated by this.

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