Clothing and telephones: the next candidates for the price freeze?

Food it was the first step and medicines be the second. But the advance of the Government in its attempt to stop the inflation and prevent the rise of prices go on, also generate that other segments are included with this objective.

The inflation is undoubtedly one of the axes that worries the most, and the management of Roberto Feletti, secretary of Domestic trade, continue aiming to control the rise in prices.

Thus, at food baskets and drugs the Government It is also looking to generate some action, for example, in segments such as telecommunications and textiles. The fight with the telephone companies is not new.

Precisely before the increases of rates that the companies began to impose, the Government decided a few months ago to play hard and aimed to declare that service as public, with which he could have the movement of prices according to your opinion.

Given this, The companies appealed to the Justice, which ruled in their favor and today they can have their tariff tables without having to wait for the official approval. Although it has been a thorny issue for some time, now it has overheated again since the telephone -the ones who hadn’t done it recently- have just announced an average increase of 10% for the last tranche of the year.

In this way, Increases will average for the year with increases somewhat above 40%. “Uncontrolled, they moved below the inflation“They told El Cronista from one of the firms, that takes as reference the possible 50% increase in the cost of living by 2021.

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For the goverment, That figure is a long way from the 21% he had enabled for the entire year, when he could still handle the rates. The great unknown in this sense is to know which way will the Government take in its new attempt to advance against telephone rates?, which have the Judicial protection.

In this sense, one of the variables that is handled is the sharpening of the special plans for sectors with less purchasing power, or refinancing of debts of defaulters, and even removes part of that red.

This already applies today, but new provisions may apply. It is also estimated that after the elections the companies could be cited by Feletti to advance in this regard, although until today there have been no contacts in this regard.

That strategy, however, could only be applied momentarily, since the Government could refloat the idea of ​​advancing on a law, identical to the decree, so that companies cannot skip the official arrangement out of the hand of the Justice.

The textile item it is another one that is closely followed by the government. The dialogue between this sector and the ruling party is very good, but the figures provided by Indec regarding its behavior in terms of prices “It is really worrying”, as one official described El Cronista.

The government watches how Clothing and Footwear It was one of the items that put the most pressure on inflation. It accumulates no less than 21 uninterrupted months of year-on-year increases above the general CPI. From September 2020 until today, the average annual price increase in the sector was 64%, well above the 52% of the CPI.

Government and textiles have long maintained a dialogue table, precisely with the intention that the prices don’t shoot, but the latest official figures began to generate the official alert.

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Here, attempting to impose a freeze of prices it would be practically impossible due to the enormous dispersion of manufacturers that exists.

According to the Chronicler Luciano Galfione, secretary of ProTejer, “It is a highly atomized market made up of 5,600 companies throughout the country., 95% made up of SMEs. Trying to have mechanisms like a price freeze is impossible to handle, “said Galfione.

On the other side, the firms press that this year will reach an investment close to US $ 200 million, very close to the US $ 211 million record of 2011.

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