Club des Sports’ quartet on the roof of Italy –

The Rhythmic Gymnastics National Finals have begun in Rimini, the usual event that brings together hundreds of gymnasts from all over Italy for the last competitive match of the season. Several girls from the Club des Sports who performed in the first three days. National title for Open LE Quartet.

Emily Avallone, Sofia Bevilacqua, Amy Bo and Cecilia Kujas won the final with 43,075 points, thanks also to an individual performance from Emily Avallone, who recorded the highest overall score (14,750 points) in the entire competition.

Aosta Valley was preceded by the second team of Ghislanzoni (42,850) and the first team of San Giorgio 79 Desio (42,100).

Three more podiums in LE Level Senior 1 individual races. After performing with hoop, ball and ribbon, Giulia Cretier conquered the second step of the podium in the general classification.

She reached 29,200 points in the best two-year total, behind Elisa Ferrara (ASD Roma 12; 29,400) and ahead of Adele Camilli (Concordia Chivasso; 29,200). Emily Avallone (29.175) in fourth, Elysee Casula (27.900) in 14th – sixth in the final for clubs – and Cecilia Cuz (30th) in 30th.

In the individual exercises, Giulia Cretier qualified to three finals and had a third place finish in hoop, scoring 14,800 points. Camilla Simona D’Orio (Ginica 96) with 15,250 points and Flavia Margherita Danzo (Audes) with 14,950 points from Aosta Valley. Emily Avallone (14,600) is third behind Samantha Chinelli (Brembet; 15,250) and Vittoria Esmeralda Segre (Forza e Coraggio Milano; 15,050) at the club.

In Junior 1 (LD level) Nicoletta Moro placed third in the general classification, scoring a total of 25,800 and finishing on the national podium behind Giada Ciucci (Albachiara Lucca; 26,100) and Alice Demontis (Gymnos; 25,850). 13th Anilda Endreka (24,900), 43rd Martina Margot Turatti (23,850) and 60th Emma Baldo. In the Junior 3LE – the success of Alice Di Giacomo (Aerile; 29.875) – 25th Sofia Bevilacqua (27.925), 59th Manuela Fianco (26.050) and 72nd Amy Bo (24.450), finished seventh in the final on rope.

The competitions in Rimini will continue tomorrow (Monday): in the morning the finals of Nicoletta Moro (hoop and clubs) and Anilda Ndreka (hoop) are scheduled, in addition to the final part of the LD competitions of Allee 3 and Allee 4.

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