club legend comes to the bench

Barring unexpected turns, it will be so. Bruno Accounts lead Rome Sunday August 20 V 18.30 V stadium Olympic against Salernitanain a race valid on the first day Serie A 2023/2024.

The Giallorossi will have to do less than Jose Mourinhohis deputy Salvatore Foti and other technical staff suspended at the end of last season.

Roma-Salernitana, Olimpico and the Conti effect

On the bench with a sports coach Stephen RapettiTherefore, the old glory of the Capitol Club must endure. Roma are also counting on the enthusiasm that Conti’s presence on the touchline will guarantee an attempt to beat the Granata and start the game on the right foot.

What does Bruno Conti do in Rome?

The choice was made not only due to force majeure circumstances, but also for the sake of symbolic meaning and in order to make virtue a necessity, focusing on the experience of the current situation. Giallorossi Youth Sector Coordinator. Bruno Conti, world championItaly V 1982in fact, he already led Roma on a temporary basis from March to June 2005 after the resignation of Luigi Delneri, leading the last team Cup Italy and get access to the old one Cup UEFA.

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