Club León: Die cousin of Angel Mena for alleged Coronavirus


Although it has not yet been confirmed, Angel Mena, front Club Leónreported that one of his cousins by the family of his father, he lost his life, allegedly because of the Coronavirus (COVID-19)

In statements made to ESPNthe front of the Fiera he said that his cousin died approximately two weeks in Guayaquil, Ecuadoralthough they still do not know for sure if it was because of the Covid-19.

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“A cousin from my father’s family, for sure we don’t know if it was because of the virus or not, but he lost his life and is the only thing that I can say, we’re not sure either if it really was that”

Mena also spoke of the situation in his native country, which has 3 thousand 747 positive cases and 191 people killed by the coronavirus, according to data from the University of Medicine Johns Hopkins university, noting that he hopes that this will end soon and people can resume their lives as normal.

“It is very painful to everything that has happened and what is still happening. While things do not happen one is quiet, but when you start to see everything and touch to people nearby is very hard to accept it.

But I have great faith in God, I know that soon will come the calm, have passed very difficult times now but I have a lot of faith and tranquility, so I leave everything in the hands of God the city (Guayaquil) is going to be again as it came to be, perhaps not well or at 100 percent, but living in a more quiet”

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