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CMF warns about unregulated money investment platforms: international cryptocurrency entity is included

The Commission for the Financial Market (CMF) informed its users and the general public that the entities called Omegapro, Binance and Swedencap, are not regulated or registered in the CMF registries.

In the case of Omegapro, which offers investment services, the CMF informs that it corresponds to an entity not authorized to provide financial services in Chile.

It should be noted that this entity is on the “black list” of the French Financial Market Authority and that the National Securities Market Commission of Spain also issued a warning to the public informing that Omegapro does not have authorization to provide investment services .

Regarding Binance, an international cryptocurrency investment and purchase and sale platform, the CMF informs that it is an unsupervised entity and that consequently it is not authorized to provide services in Chile.

Also, the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) of the United Kingdom issued an alert last month stating that Binance Markets Limited and Binance Group do not have authorization from said regulator to provide investment services.

In the case of Swedencap, the commission informs that said entity is not supervised by the Commission nor is it authorized to offer investment services in the country.

Regarding this entity, the Spanish National Securities Market Commission issued an alert informing that it is an entity not supervised or authorized to provide investment services.

The CMF recommends that investors, before making an investment, always seek more information about the products and companies with which they are considering investing, taking the following actions: Check the CMF website to confirm if the respective company is It is registered in Chile and which people are responsible for its administration; and use the search engines commonly used on the Internet in order to identify the existence of complaints or negative comments regarding the entity, conducting searches that contain the name of the company, the names of the directors and the products they are considering for investment .

The regulator finally reiterates that on the website of the Commission on Alerts to investors, policyholders and bank clients, interested parties can verify whether a company or person offering financial products or services is supervised by the CMF, review the alerts made by the CMF and other foreign regulators on unregulated entities or activities and other important advice for the protection of investors, policyholders and financial clients.

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