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Brian “Red” Hamilton I was moving the team of the Vancouver Canucks at halftime of a hockey game when he noticed a woman behind the bench pressing her phone against the plexiglass. Nadia popovici, a fan of the Canadian team, issued a warning to the assistant manager that night that would save his life, and would initiate a special bond between the two.

In the middle of a hockey game, in the middle of a roaring crowd, the nurse noticed a suspicious mole on the back of Hamilton’s neck. Popovici attempted to communicate his discovery to the staff member, writing in large letters: “The mole on the back of your neck is possibly cancerous. Please go see a doctor!“.

Nadia Popovici saved the life of the hockey coach with a message on her cell phone.

I felt bad at this point because I got off the bench and she put her phone on the glass and on the phone she said that the mole on the back of her neck is cancer. And it puzzled me“Hamilton recalled Saturday before the Canucks played their second game of the season in Seattle.”So I shrugged and moved onAfter the initial shock, however, the coach heeded the warning and went to check himself. Sure enough, the young fanatic had saved his life.

The biopsy results showed that there were cancer cells in the mole. Doctors confirmed that cancer in the mole could have endangered his life in a few years. “It was only on the outer layer of my skin“said Hamilton.”It had not penetrated the second layer of my skin and that is because we detect it very early“.

The coach enlisted the help of Twitter to find the young woman who saved his life

With the help of fans on Twitter, Hamilton and Popovici met.

My initial response when I found out was that I felt bad because I felt that I did not even give him the time of day“, Hamilton expressed to FOX4. Grateful to the mysterious fan who had detected the malignant mole in the middle of a hockey game, Hamilton listed the help of netizens on Twitter to establish contact with her.

Last Saturday, the Canuckes posted from their official Twitter a letter from Hamilton, where he told his story and expressed his desire to meet the woman in question. In just an hour, the Canucks had contacted Nadia Popovici, a 22-year-old nurse and hockey fan.

The fact that I was able to look him in the eye and hear what happened from his perspective …“said Popovici, who graduated from the University of Washington and he intends to attend medical school next year. “Imagine how disconcerting it is for you to be at work and someone looks at you and says, ‘Hey, maybe you should go to a doctor.’ That’s not what you want to hear“added the young woman, who also received heartfelt thanks from the Hamilton family.

The coach took advantage of the meeting to express his admiration for Popovici, who surprised him by noticing a mole that even he did not know existed: “I am puzzled by how you saw it“said Hamilton.”It wasn’t very big. I am wearing a jacket. I carry a radio on the back of my jacket that clips on so the chords are there“. Popovici explained that he did a lot of volunteer work in hospitals, including some time helping out in an oncology ward.”I saw yours and thought, wow, it is a perfect picture of the example of what a melanoma looks like“the young woman recalled.

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