“Cocktail of deadly medicine”: the music world is shocked | The artist is drugged

The world of music turned upside down
Sick singer – “Source: CORPORATE+” – Belligea.it

The music world is in shock, the artist pumped himself up with drugs, everyone was speechless from this statement. He made a cocktail of deadly drugs, and to this day no one can believe it.

Not only the fans, they everyone is speechlessafter this shocking revelation. world of music upset, the artist is drugged, no one can find peace for sad ending to which it was subjected. What lethal drug cocktail everything will change from now on, nothing will be the same.

When events like this happen, everyone is amazed because there are no words to describe it all. Fans when they take singer at heart, had hoped to hear his songs for most of their lives, so they were all shocked by this discovery. We’re trying to understand what’s going on.

Shocking revelation drugged singer

Some haters claim that the singer get sick because of the drugs taken or the coronavirus vaccine and so on, so we are far from taking a stand on this issue, like everyone he is free to make his own decisionswhen it comes to your body. But it must be said that they might be alright side effectsbut unfortunately this pathology she is very famous among singers and if we want for all the artists of the music world.

If you don’t believe me, ask the legendary drummer dei Queen, Roger Taylor or if we also want to A star is born With Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper, you touch the problem. So in the end it’s right side effect of their craft. An employee has carpal tunnel problems due to excessive mouse use and has this condition. When the body is subjected to repeated and prolonged exposure beyond the norm, it is normal that it reacts to all this, clearly defined pathology.

Piero Pelu and the tinnitus that stopped him
Concert by Piero Pelu – “Source: Instagram” – Belligea.it

How are you today?

the music world is in shockafter seeing a social photo of an artist who talks about all the drugs he has to take a day to try to get better. Follower, apparently tried, would answer that he did: “A cocktail of a deadly drug.” From the outside, this may seem like an exaggeration, but, unfortunately, this is the only solution for Piero Pelu solve his serious tinnitus problem as soon as possible and get back on stage very soon to sing his songs rock songs.

Pelu said that he had a problem with his headphones in the recording room, which caused him to strong acoustic shockfrom that moment on, the tinnitus became so intense that his routine was broken. The doctor obviously made him rest, and above all the singer had to cancel all his concertswith the hope of a speedy recovery, even if we know, unfortunately, from this pathology is not treated.

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