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Guillermo Garcia

She is a rising star in women’s tennis. And he hasn’t won a major yet. Coco Gauff had previously announced her intention to succeed Serena Williams, to whom she has been compared, and now she has taken the baton.After qualifying for the U.S. Open finals and becoming This is the youngest player to do so since the youngest Williams in 2001.

His precocity made him After entering the French Open in 2022, he is the third youngest player to reach a Grand Slam final. only Martina Hingis and Maria Sharapova They achieved this goal in less time than the 19 years, 5 months, and 21 days that appear on today’s U.S. driver’s licenses. A player molded in Williams’ image and one that’s already starting to bear fruit.

Without the sternness of Richard Williams, Georgia State point guard Corey Goff is designing his daughter’s future piece by piece. First, they try their luck in basketball, track, or gymnastics. But it was tennis that ultimately fascinated a child as young as 8 years old. The former Panther has a ten-year plan to reach the elite ranks. And the roadmap has been gradually implemented.

goff He made his professional debut at the age of 15 and gradually went through various stages. However, the young American star wasn’t done blowing up. No matter who is carrying Williams’ weight, the pressure seems to be taking its toll on her. The tennis player from Georgia gradually lost weight in his backpack. He started to stop saying yes to everything and asking so much of himself that he didn’t like his life.

“There are people who are struggling to feed their families and they don’t know when their next meal is coming. It’s real stress. That’s life.”

Coco Gough

It takes physical work, but especially mental work to learn to cope with stress. Especially in the Grand Slams. “They are so intense that you always want to win and now I’ve learned to deal with that. “I think it’s an important part of life and learning, and the more I’m in this position, the more I learn how to deal with stress.”The American assured her after her quarterfinal victory over Ostapenko.

“It helped me put my life into perspective. I used to have negative thoughts. Why is there so much pressure? Why is it so difficult? Then I realized that in one sense it was pressure, but in another sense it wasn’t. Some people struggle to feed their families, and some don’t know when their next meal will come. That’s the real pressure. This is life, and I’m in a privileged position. So I decided to have fun and enjoy myself. ” Goff said as he explained how he overcame the pressure to perform.

His grandmother’s example

Keep your feet on solid ground, The brand new US Open finalist will always be reminded of her grandmother Yvonne Lee, Pioneer in the fight for civil rights One of the first black women to attend a white college in Florida. Gough kept this example in mind, which helped her develop a personality that was unabashed in the fight for equality. He did so during the pandemic, becoming one of the faces of the Black Lives Matter movement.He did it again after the U.S. Open semifinals Speaking about the incident that forced his party to stop protesting climate change for more than 45 minutes.

“I believe in climate change. I don’t know exactly why they’re protesting, but I 100 percent believe we can do better. Would I wish that didn’t happen in my game? 100 percent. But it is what it is and Moments like this define history.I’m not angry at the protesters. I’ve always believed you have to stand up for what you believe in. This was also done peacefully. “I wouldn’t be offended if they felt they had to do this to make their voices heard.”The American tennis player assured after the semi-finals, He now works under the orders of Spanish priest Riba.

Under the guidance of Spanish coaches

The Catalan coach has been Goff’s new coach for two months. The former tennis player – who won seven ATP Challenger titles and six doubles titles – decided to hang up his racket to develop young talent After ending his relationship with Chinese tennis player Zheng Qiwen, he joined the US team’s staff in June last year. It didn’t take long for this relationship to bear fruit.

“I’m especially grateful to Pere and Brad Gilbert who started working with me. I appreciate everything you’ve done in my game and my mentality, it’s not always the easiestbut you put up with me,” he said after his win in Cincinnati, a foreshadowing of what would come later at the U.S. Open.

Guillermo Garcia

Guillermo García has had a passion for basketball since childhood and has successfully made it his profession.Graduated in Humanities from Carlos III University with a master’s degree

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