Coco Goff reaches first U.S. Open semifinal

young people coco goughthe great American tennis star, defeated Latvia’s Jelena Ostapenko on Tuesday and are eligible for First U.S. Open Semifinals His promising career.

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goff Beat Ostapenko 6-0, 6-2 in just 68 minuteswho comes from giving The big surprise of this Grand Slam By knocking out current champion Poles Iga Swatek.

In the hunt for his first major trophy, Gauff, 19, will meet in semi-final winner of match between czech teams Karolina Muchova and romanians Solana Sistea.

“It feels great and I’m happy. I lost in the quarter-finals last year and I want to do better this year. There’s still a long way to go but I’m happy,” Gauff smiled to the applause Said. Flushing Meadows Center Court is the largest center court in the world.

goff She is already the first American under the age of 20 to finish in the top four in New York Since he achieved this goal in 2001, he has served as an example of his greatness, serena williams.

The Pearl of Delray Beach (Florida) Has a huge chance of succeeding in his country’s Grand Slamcandidates like swatek, Vons Gabriel anyone Elena Ribakina.

this Another favorite is Aryna Sabalenka of Belaruswho is the next number one in the world quarter-finals on wednesday before china Zheng Qinwen20 years old.


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