Coco Li, Chinese Singer Known for “Mulan” and “Crouching Tiger”, Dies | Wired Italy

Coco Lee, an American singer-songwriter originally from Hong Kong, died July 5. His death came a couple of days after Suicide attempt which left her in a coma. Lee, now 48, rose to fame in 1998 after Disney signed her to voice the title role in an animated film. Mulan V Mandarin version and sing the official song Reflection. He subsequently achieved international success, especially after recording the song. Love before time from the soundtrack of the world blockbuster Tiger and Dragonwith whom she also performed at the 2001 Oscars. Subsequently, she continued her career. especially in Asiawhere he recorded several records, and also participated in such reality shows as I am a singerof which it won the 2016 edition.

The news of his death was sisters Carol and Nancy Lee: “Koko suffered from depression for many years, but in recent months her condition has worsened dramatically.“, – they write in a post on Instagram: “Although she sought professional help and did her best to fight her depression, unfortunately, the demon inside her got the better of her.“. The message continues with a proud reminder that I many hits of the artist: “2023 marks the 30th anniversary of Coco’s singing career: over the past 29 years, she has won countless international hit awards and wowed audiences with her excellent live performances.“, continues to read: “Koko is also known for working tirelessly to open up new worlds for Chinese singers in the international music scene and stand out among all Chinese. We are proud of her!“.

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