Cofepris warns about fake ‘Hepatitis B’ vaccine

The health authorities emphasize that counterfeit products against hepatitis B were found in the presentation of “Injection Suspension 20 ml”.

To avoid risks to people’s health, the Federal Council for Protection against Health Risks (Cofepris) has issued an alert about hepatitis B vaccine fraud. They noted that the identified drug was found in a 20 ml injectable suspension, which would be a counterfeit version of the Provibac-B recombinant vaccine.

«Counterfeit product found in 200 mcg (20 ml) injection suspension. And it doesn’t have a health permit. Kofipreis pointed out.

Here’s how to spot fake hepatitis B vaccines

Through a statement, health authorities issued an alert to health professionals and the general public. Here, they emphasize that this pseudo-drug attempts to appear to be one of the products of the pharmaceutical company Probiomed, which holds the health registration for Provibac-B.

«The counterfeit Provibac-B corresponds to the number 2526211014-1 on the auxiliary or outer packaging. The bottle label has 2566220/410-2. Cofepris specified.

In addition, they emphasized that the expiry date shown on the secondary packaging is October 6, 2023. The date shown on the label is November 2023.

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Cofepris explained that the health risks of consuming this pseudo-drug are primarily due to lack of knowledge or uncertainty about the conditions under which the product is manufactured. So are the handling and storage processes. Therefore, they emphasized that the safety, quality and effectiveness of fake vaccines “are not guaranteed”; in addition, they may also pose risks to people’s health.

Finally, health authorities advise people to “verify that the batch number and expiration date on any product packaging match.” Likewise, it is important to contact the health record holder if there is any doubt as to whether a medicine is original.And if it is determined to be counterfeit you should avoid purchasing the product, if you have information about possible marketing you can report it on the page Or call 800 033 5050.

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