Coki Debernardi: “We made a dark album in the lyrics and at the same time bright in the music”

The times of this pandemic served Coki Debernardi to adjust ideas and thoughts around your new record material. More than five years had passed since the edition of Dynamite Boy Love (2015) and the musician, from his home, began to put together in the course of 2020 a sound model with new album intentions. The tentative title would be Fugitive, as the name of the first cut released last Friday. There are ten songs –five songs per side– and the idea is that it also be released on vinyl.

“It’s been a long time since we released anything and to officially present this song is to start shaping the album. At the beginning we said “we’re going to release the whole album” but then we thought about presenting this preview and in February or March, the complete album comes out, “said Coki.

From home and virtually, the plate began to take shape. “We started doing this almost in a homemade way with Franco mascotti in the early days of the pandemic. I wanted to go into the studio, I had some songs but I didn’t want to do something very grand. I started by sending Franco a homemade song made on my computer, he liked it, and then we add it to Ricardo Vilaseca. When we had the songs more or less armed, Diego Olivero appeared, who also joined, “explained the musician.


Interview with Coki Debernardi

In the interview with Rosario3, Coki indicated that “we took advantage of that rhythm that we had to work: I would get up in the morning to write, put things together, and then send them to Franco so that he can see them. When everything started to open a little, we went into the studio, we recorded some songs and when we realized we already had a beautiful album that we were retouching a lot. We weren’t in any hurry so we took the time to get everything as we wanted, even to this day ”.

For the singer, this album marks a difference with the previous thing: “What we consider with Franco is try to get off the Boy Dynamite audio. The big difference was that I started it assemble at home, with a small keyboard. Although the album has guitars, it was not composed with guitars. The other big difference is that with Franco we set out to do something more intuitive, in the sense that if we liked it, we went for that and we didn’t worry if it had to do with the rest of the album. The idea of ​​general audio is very broad, with many colors. Dynamite Boy Love it was darker. ANDThis disc is dark but at the same time very bright: it may be dark because of the lyrics but it’s brighter because of the music ”.

“The first to hear it were the other members of the band who, for reasons of logic, had not participated as we would have liked. I showed it in many different areas and people tell you that it is good, they are not going to tell you that it is crap (laughs). I have friends who are very sincere and they could tell me they didn’t like me, but it didn’t happen, ”Coki said.


Coki & The Killer Burritos

“Time is fugitive
Take me heart
The wind is a friend
Take me reason
Time was divine
I had the illusion … “
(Excerpt from “Fugitive”)

“Everything is so delirious that the illusion is to wake up every day and that your family is well. My dream now is to get up and play for a while, to see if I can make another record that is good. My illusion is always beauty, I am always excited about better things”Coki Debernardi said of his expectations.

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