Cold and flu product sales increased 23% in August

Cold and flu product sales increased 23% in August

The arrival of late summer boosts drug store sales. Affected by the new wave of COVID-19 epidemic, demand for flu and cold medicines in Spain increased by 23% in August from the previous monthaccording to him Medication Activity Report Alliance Healthcare reports on pharmacy trends in Spain. In fact, that’s a 10% increase compared to August last year, making it one of the fastest-growing drug families in terms of sales.

The report concluded that the main reason for the increase in sales is the response to the new wave of Covid, in which the EG-5 (Eris) variant is the protagonist. It comes from the Ómicron strain, which is considered the most contagious variant, and its symptoms are very similar to the cold caused by air conditioning.. However, as the league has assured, the variant does not lead to more severe hospitalizations.

The data also showed an increase in Covid test sales, with a 130% increase in August compared to July of the same year.. However, Alliance said the number of tests was down 33.4% compared to August last year and 72% compared to August 2021. The company said these declining numbers coincide with vaccination campaigns.

Specific symptoms of the Eris variant are fever, tiredness, muscle fatigue, rhinitis and dry cough, so “It’s possible a group of people spread the coronavirus without knowing it”, as stated in the report.

Alliance Healthcare is one of Europe’s leading companies providing pharmaceutical distribution, logistics, clinical trial support and other healthcare solutions to pharmacies and pharmaceutical laboratories.. The company is headquartered in Weybridge (UK) and operates in the UK, France, Spain, Netherlands, Norway and Turkey, in addition to having associations in three other countries (Portugal, Algeria and Croatia).

a week ago, The drug distribution company appoints Ruth Martín as new general manager of clinical and health services for its Spanish division. The position was created in response to interest in developing new services and promoting innovative solutions to help pharmaceutical companies, hospitals and pharmacies improve patient care, the company assured.

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