Cold blond: who suits and how to keep it for a long time

In the wide range of shades available for hair coloring, cool blonde is one of the most sought after trends in fashion.

This particular type of blonde is characterized by cold shades AND subtle chromatic reflections; it stands out for its ability to give radiance and liveliness to facial features.

However, not all skin tones and eye colors work well with this shade; Through analysis based on color harmony and the basic concepts of color theory, it is possible to identify the distinguishing features of people who like cool blonde hair the most, offering an informative guide for those who want to try this shade on their hair.

Cold blonde: what color is it exactly?

Cold blonde, also known as ice blonde. neutral color, but giving the hair a particularly shiny look; it gained considerable influence among women of all ages by becoming mandatory.

The growing popularity of this shade of blonde is also due to the notorious testimonials that have flaunted cool blonde hair: Celebrities like Kristen Stewart, Katy Perry and Jennifer Lawrence have all contributed to making this shade trendy; however, as already mentioned, cool blonde is not suitable for everyone and requires some care after dyeing.

This specific shade of blonde is typical of the Nordic countries and is widely found as a natural hair color in countries such as Sweden and Norway, where the light phototype predominates and the light color distinguishes a large part of the population.

To make the most of this color, it is desirable to have a pale complexion; but there is no single point of color for a cold blond: it can be cloned into different shades, adjusted to different skin types. So, who suits a cold blond?

Who is more suitable for an icy blonde?

Not all phototypes adapt harmoniously to blonde, especially in its cooler shade. However, as mentioned above, there are nuances and tricks to balance skin tone and hair color. For example, a technique that involves darker roots paired with lighter lengths to a very light blonde.

In terms of cuts, this color is perfect for short hair as it adds depth, but ice blonde can also enhance a medium length cut, especially when scaled up and accompanied by color effects or tints.

In terms of phototype, cool Swedish blonde, also known as “Nordic blonde”, suits those with very fair and milky skin, accompanied by typical Nordic features such as light eyes and thin eyebrows: this type of blonde does not have warm reflections and is ideal for owners of light eyes (green, blue or gray) and a cold complexion. For those with a less fair complexion or eyes, the color scheme suggests opting for ash blonde, a shade more suited to a more amber complexion.

So while warm blonde is more suitable for those who start with a natural brown base and want to add golden, honey or bronze undertones, cool blonde is more suitable for those who already have blond hair and a fair complexion.

The options that pair best with ice blonde are blonde or dark blonde, light brown or ash blonde hair, which can be lightened to achieve the most common cold blonde shades such as:

  • champagne
  • Silver
  • Ash
  • Pearl.

However, it should be noted that cool blonde can sometimes be suitable for women with olive skin and dark undertones, as in these cases it is based on colour contrast, becoming a distinctive element of the whole figure. However, in these cases, a preliminary study of color theory is necessary, taking into account, among other things, skin tone, natural hair and eye color.

In any case, an experienced hairdresser will be able to recommend exactly the shade of blond that suits your complexion and facial features, evaluating in each case and using color harmony tables.

Some thoughts on hair health

Cool blonde is a complex color to both get and maintain over time, requiring special and one-of-a-kind care. careful management.

To obtain this shade, it is necessary to significantly lighten the base, especially if the original color is dark, and it is for this reason that it is advisable Avoid DIY and trust an experienced hairdresser.

Before starting work, it is important to assess the initial condition of the hair so as not to expose it to stress and aggressive influences.

After that, it is recommended to use quality products and continue to care for your hair at home, using special products to counteract any unwanted yellow tones.

It is recommended that you seek advice from your hairdresser in order to select the products that best suit your needs, but the recommendations listed below can already provide some guidance as to which products should be preferred.

How to keep a blonde from the cold?

In order to keep a cool blonde in an optimal way, some precautions must be taken after adopting this shade: it is important to use the right products to maintain the color without visiting the hairdresser too often.

To do this, it is important to rely on shampoos and masks specially formulated for light hair:

  • anti-yellowing shampoo will be the main ally to prevent color deterioration after several washes;
  • silver mask for blond hair not only nourishes the hair, but also gives it shine and shine over time.

These products do not need to be used with every wash to be effective: once a week (or less frequently, as advised by the hairdresser) will suffice.

However, it is recommended to use a nourishing shampoo and conditioner between application and application to take care of the hair and pamper it after the lightening treatment.
Nourishing and repairing masks, along with heat protectants to protect against the heat of a hair dryer or flat iron, can be helpful allies in maintaining healthy hair.

To keep the blond for a long time is also recommended don’t wash your hair too oftenas repeated washing may damage the color. Finally, to protect the color from the terrible yellow-orange effect, it is recommended limit the use of the rectifier maximum for hair.

By following these simple precautions, you can keep a cool blonde for a long time, avoiding unwanted color changes.

Cold blonde degradè to vary the overall color

Method selection degraded to obtain the desired cold blond choose less aggressive coloringwhich is aimed specifically at maintaining the health of the hair.

Thanks to the principle of vertical coloring, chemical products are applied only to limited areas of the hair, blending with untreated areas for a mixed result, a trendy option that can be chosen instead of a single color.

Alternating color at the root and reflective products helps to soften the effect of regrowth, resulting in a result that requires less touch-ups and avoids overstressing the hair.

What haircuts are best for cool blonde?

Since it is a fairly neutral color, it is recommended to pair the cool blonde with haircuts that can liven up and emphasize it, for example, a very short bob with an undercut or a layered haircut; even very short haircuts or with bangs can give this coloring extra dynamism.

Cool blonde can also be enhanced with a medium length haircut, if you take into account some basic aspects:

  1. select important scaling, such as shortcuts;
  2. use uneven color, especially if the original color is not particularly light, so choose stripes or color strokes;
  3. you can leave the roots darker to avoid a flat effect, and highlight the clarified length with the help of degrade or shatush. A coloring technique such as degrade can enhance a cool blonde, even if you want to hide regrown gray or gray hair.

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