Cold summer or COVID-19? Antigen test sales increase 60% in Jaén

Summer is a hot season, but it is also a cold season. The change from the outside to the inside, the icy cooling brought on by the air conditioner, affects people with runny noses, sneezes and sore throats. Symptoms are reminiscent of a pandemic, and despite the shutdown, they persist. So, to clarify whether it was the common cold, flu or Covid-19, sales of antigen tests in the province jumped by 60 per cent.

The growth observed by Bidafarma, the leading wholesaler in Jaén responsible for filling the shelves and drawers of most pharmacies in the city, has also extended to the rest of the country. There is no doubt that sales and case numbers rebounded in July, and while there is no alarmism, the virus has not been forgotten either.

Evaristo Troyano, head of a central pharmacy in Baeza, from the College of Pharmacists in Jaén, ensures that customers of all ages can come and buy the antigen test. He explained that while the product saw almost no sales from January to February, it suddenly saw strong growth.

“It’s the season of fairs, concerts, everyone gathers together, it’s more festive, so there’s increased unease,” Troiano said. Remember that air conditioners can wreak havoc on the health of the unsuspecting person, and before suspecting it’s coronavirus, it’s better to get a quick test and fix the problem than put vulnerable people in the environment (primarily family members) at risk . “There are still people who are being responsible and getting tested, more than they seem to be,” he said.

He recounted how he had noticed a “quiet” sales rate in his pharmacy since Easter, but is now seeing an upturn due to crowds. “Young people have more contact with older people, have family visits, and even if those people aren’t in those groups, prevention is the first choice,” he said.

more than 110%

According to the report, sales of antigen tests to detect Covid-19 doubled in the last week of July compared to the same period the previous month, with Navarra, the Basque Country and Valencia leading the sales charts. Iqvia consultant.

The study, conducted in 6,500 pharmacies in Spain, showed that 179,965 test kits were sold between July 24 and 31, which represents a 112% increase compared to the last week of June.

The consultant revealed that an increase in the number of Covid-19 infections in Spain, as well as in “other markets in neighboring countries”, had led to an increase in sales of antigen tests.

The latest data on the evolution of the coronavirus, released by the Ministry of Health on June 30, showed that the number of infections fell within 15 days to 41.5 cases per 100,000 inhabitants. This will be the last information the health ministry will provide on the evolution of the pandemic, as it stopped publishing it after declaring the end of the health emergency.

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