Coldplay: The “Universal” Band Everyone Loves (Haters Aside)

Coldplay embodies that better than any other band The sound of the new millennium, a masterful crossover between pop, alt rock and electronica, is becoming In a career spanning just over twenty years (began in 1999), the biggest pop group in the world. Today no band reaches the numbers Demon by Chris Martin & Co. Live, despite the high prices for their concerts and taking into account the previous two albums, everyday life more of 2019 music of the regions 2021, barring one lucky single, hasn’t repeated the stupendous success of the previous record my universe Along with BTS. From a musical style perspective, on their first albums Coldplay combined the immediacy of Brit pop with the textures of alt rock, to the point of undertaking with conviction. Mylo Xyloto Since 2011, following the path of bombast and stadium pop (albeit with a few exceptions), a kind of U2 has become more accessible to all. And their “universality” is perhaps Coldplay’s most distinguishing feature: the English band’s audience ranges from 18 to 60 years old, in every part of the world and in every culture, with grandparents and grandchildren both in agreement with the universality. Deeds and Feel-Good Style: His songs, always impeccably produced and played, are the ideal soundtrack to each of our life’s ups and downs.

who has not been moved, at least once, by hearing yellow, all is not lost, trouble And Fix you, who hasn’t swayed to the beat of Viva la Vida, every teardrop is a waterfall, a sky full of stars And adventure of a lifetime, The real goal of an artist and a band is to create songs that can last for years, until they become classics, and it is undeniable that Chris Martin, Johnny Buckland, Guy Berryman and Will Champion have created classics. Made it so fast. of his detractors. If on the one hand Coldplay is a band that more or less everyone likes, at least for some songs (in the wake of the Beatles and Queen), it is also true that, on the other hand, they are one of the most hated And by protest groups, so to speak, “alternative”. Do a search on the net to find dozens of articles even on underground hatred towards English bands: just think that The New Yorker published an article titled why i don’t like coldplay, while New York Times critic Jon Pareles called them “the most unbearable band of the decade”. The frontman has always been a symbol of the band and Chris Martin, precisely because of his features, is loved and hated a lot at the same time. Martin has nothing of a cursed and deviant rockstar, quite the contrary: he has the looks of a forty-year-old when he goes out drinking with friends on a Friday evening, he likes to eat healthy (he’s a vegetarian). is) and keeps fit in the gym, always has a smile on his face (not surprising God put a Smile Upon your Face one of my favorite songs from the second album a rush of Blood to the Head) in a period in which hyper-tattooed and staring trappers are most popular, he is a caring separated father to his children Apple Blythe Alison Martin and Moses Bruce Anthony Martin and is still on excellent terms with his ex-wife Gwyneth Paltrow. But there it is: the boyfriend in a nutshell that all mothers want for their daughters.

Martin, a rock star in spite of himself, paved the way for the worldwide success of Ed Sheeran and Lewis Capaldi, two “normal” songwriters with the anonymous presence of any thirty-year-old Englishman who won the hearts of millions thanks to positioning and Thanks not to complex marketing strategies, but to simple and direct songs that can connect with people’s emotions. You can listen to Coldplay songs on the radio, at the bar, restaurant, gym, beach, and even in the club and it will never feel like they are out of place. But, on the contrary, they always seem familiar, reassuring, and undeniably pleasant. One of the secrets of their universal success are the concerts where Coldplay manage to elevate their songs for the setlist, studying the smallest detail to excite the audience: no fillers, no baroque intros, No long instrumental tails, no warm-up songs, but only great hits, one after the other, non-stop, which are sung by the audience from first to last word in a kind of joyful collective karaoke, amazingly natural and luminous Being brought into a kind of ecstasy. effects that turn each life into a sensory experience that is difficult to forget, even by those who are not his historical fans. Most recently, images went around the world of Mick Jagger, who sang and danced the entire time at Coldplay’s Wembley concert, wearing a Zyloband on his wrist, the shiny bracelet that the British quartet wears to make their concerts more glamorous. Invented for and with a visible effect. The fascinating story of a group of university friends who surprisingly conquered the world was recently told in Italy in the intriguing book Long live Coldplay, a global success storyA biography signed by Fabrizio Sandrini on the occasion of Coldplay’s Italian dates in Naples and Milan and published by the Il Castello brand Chinaski Addizioni.

From exploitation of planetary records to accusations of plagiarism by Joe Satriani and Cat StevensFrom collaborating with producer Brian Eno to the respect he received from Elton John and Madonna, to the frontman’s struggles with the paparazzi romantically linked to Gwyneth Paltrow and Dakota Johnson, to controversial relationships with Bono and Liam Gallagher, this book by Chris Martin also highlights the company’s social commitment to the eco-sustainability theme of their latest tour, which is designed to reduce environmental impact. The route of trucks installing the stage is designed to reduce travel between cities, the stadiums are equipped with stage built from reusable materials (including bamboo and recycled steel), the LED display The electricity required for the feed, laser and sound propagation systems are derived from renewable sources (such as solar panels and wind turbines) and even the energy produced by spectators during the show is collected and used. Special effects, such as confetti and fireworks, were made with biodegradable materials, while bright bracelets worn by spectators were made from plant material and collected, sterilized and recharged at the end of each show. In short, Coldplay aren’t satisfied with being the universal pop band, But they also want to protect planet Earth in their concerts. With all due respect to his haters.

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