Coldplay’s tribute to Milan: Chris Martin sings O mia bella madunina

Distasteful game They cover Italy from north to south. After Naples, it’s Milan, where Chris Martin’s group performed at the San Siro for the first of five dates. All sold out. And after a dedication to Pino Daniele in Campania, the band also wanted to pay homage to Milan.

At the end of the concert, Chris Martin and others left the large central stage and moved to a smaller stage among the crowd on the lawn. and guitar in hand chris sings in italian O my beautiful madunina, The song, composed by Giovanni D’Aanzi in 1934, is considered the city’s anthem.

And have to repeat tomorrow.

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Act 1 – The Planet
Music of the Regions (intro)
High strength
adventure of a lifetime
Charlie Brown

Act 2 – The Moon
live long
weekend hymns
let someone go
at my place
Sunrise (with Louis Armstrong’s speech from “What a Wonderful World”)

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Act 3 – The Stars
shuman heart
people of pride
Infinity Sing (with parts of “Music of the Spheres II” and “Every Teardrop is a Waterfall”)
Something like this (in American Sign Language)
Midnight (with parts of “Blue Moon Tree” by Lone)
my universe
starry sky

Act 4 – Home
Fix you
a wave (out)

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