Colds, Digestive Problems, and Heatstroke

People tend to think that coughing and sneezing are winter things, and it is impossible to catch a cold when the temperature exceeds 30 degrees.However, andl common cold, intestinal diseases and heatstrokeare some of the most common diseases summer months. “Colds are also frequent in summer, especially at the beginning and now,” he said Jose Antonio Valdes GonzalezLanier Pharmaceuticals pharmacist and natural products researcher says one of the main causes of summer colds is sudden temperature change We are torn between being outdoors and being in an air conditioned place.

“A cold is a disease caused by two different viruses of two families, mainly rhinoviruses and coronaviruses,” Valdez explained, noting that we get colds in summer first of all because of the daily change happens during these summer months weaken our immune system. “In the summer we make it easier for the virus to spread because we change a lot of eating habits, sleeping and waking habits, stress levels and outside temperatures as we start to experience brutal temperature changes, jumping from 40 degrees on the street to 23 degrees in the mall” Center, we eat ice cream or cold substances…all of this misleads our immune system and allows the virus to sneak in”, emphasized the pharmacist, insisting that A cold is always the immune system out of control. “Viruses knock on our door every day, but the immune system usually wins the battle, but when it loses, we get sick,” he added.

“We made it easier to spread the virus in the summer because we changed a lot of habits”

symptoms and causes

Although colds are difficult to count because most go unreported, Valdez assures that they are summer is level SymptomologyThe pharmacist clarified that the symptoms were the same as in winter and were actually the result of the immune system fighting the virus. Likewise, he insists that summer colds are the same ones we can get at any other time of year. “The virus cannot sense whether we are in summer or winter. The only What can change is what produces them at some time or another. ”

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at the same time winter The main causes of colds are cold, close contact or poor ventilation. summer This is due to air conditioning, a dry environment (which irritates the nasal mucous membranes), or changes in lifestyle habits. “There are also common factors, such as the fact that the virus enters when the immune system is weak, the cold makes him weak“, pointed out the expert, who warned that in all colds, the body temperature should never rise above 37.5 degrees, and if this happens, you should see a doctor.

how to prevent them

With regard to preventive methods, in addition to avoiding sudden changes in temperature, Valdes also emphasized Fruits and vegetables are your main allies in fighting colds. “They cover all the vitamins, minerals and trace elements needed to strengthen the immune system,” says the pharmacist, emphasizing that, in addition to vitamin C, vitamin D, vitamin E, selenium or zinc, the key to strengthening the immune system .

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constipate and diarrhea

However, colds are not the only ailments that accompany us in summer. It’s also common during the summer months, Valdes explained. Digestive disorders, such as constipation and diarrhea. reason? mainly, changes in eating habits This usually happens while traveling or on vacation.

“During this time, some people have very severe digestive disturbances,” Valdez stressed, adding that the best way to combat indigestion is constipate Just eat more fruits and vegetables and drink plenty of water.However, if that wasn’t enough, he added, you can also turn to chemical laxatives or natural remedies sold at pharmacies.Regarding diarrhea, he thinks it is more convenient case by case study, Because “it could be related to irritable bowel, something we’ve eaten, or it could just be due to stress or an upset stomach.”

On the other hand, in beach areas such as Malaga, also common in summer heatstroke. “Before they were anecdotal, but now they are the norm and will become more frequent,” said the expert, emphasizing that heatstroke is a potentially fatal condition. It also warns people about the dangers of dehydration, which is more at risk in summer. He pointed out that it’s not just about heatstroke, it’s about heatstroke. common in older adults. “It’s a typical pathology in older people that increases during the summer,” Valdez said.

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