Cole Sprouse and Lili Reinhart react to the rumors of infidelity


Have recently been circulating rumors that Cole Sprouse deceived Lili Reinhart with Kaia Gerber; the couple has responded to the accusations and in a few words, they are not happy.

The first to break the silence was the actor of Riverdale, Cole Sprouse, who published through their stories of Instagram the following message: “I tolerate a lot of rumors and slander of the people online who claim to be my fans,” he wrote. “Fans who feel they have a right to my privacy precisely because I’ve never pleased. But attacking my friends, accusations without bases, filter my address and send death threats are all the qualities of madness and fanaticism. Choose the mankind and leave [payasos].”

“When I walked in for the first time in a public relationship, this was one of the foreseeable consequences “, continues in his post. “And although I never have the intention of pleasing any part of my private life to the horde voracious, it has been clarified that my moderation in update has allowed you to bring your own agenda to my habits and style of life.”

Lili and Cole have been in a long relationship quite private from 2017. “In conclusion, please, eat my chubby delicious c***, “ said the star of the Suite Life of Zack & Cody. “Making me post a damn story Urges of white letters as a mother of three children, divorced two times”, ended.

The rumors between Kaia and Cole began when photos of both in the same location began to circulate in social networks. The model is a friend of both Cole as Lili and already it was clarified that the photos are old, however the strong speculations were made that the actress, of Riverdale also share her opinion.

“Twitter is actually the most toxic form of social networking. People are rude for the fact of being a rude. What don’t you understand the karma? It is okay if you do not, you will understand when you bite down your miserable c***, wrote Lili Reinhart in a tweet removed on Wednesday.

Lili also took the argument to Instagram where he wrote “’Dear all in the social networks, do not despise the people by the simple fact of despreciarlas. Don’t be an idiot”, wrote in his history and added: “The world does not need more of that m**rda”.

To us it is very clear that the couple is not going to allow you to make more rumors about the status of their relationship, a source revealed to E! News “Lili and Cole are still together. Your relationship always has ups and downs, but if you talk every day and care much about the other. Lili and Cole are trying to keep a low profile.”