Cole Sprouse ensures that the romance in Riverdale will change forever


The filming of Riverdale it was postponed from the beginning of the coronavirus outbreak in the united States, however, Cole Sprouse shared with certainty that many things will change in the set when resume recordings, among them the way in which you do the scenes romantic.

The production of Riverdale was interrupted suddenly due to the health difficulties that they face in all the world, and its fourth season had to end earlier than expected, and the creative team has been dedicated to plan how to retake the story to the next stage of the series.

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However, although the premiere of the fifth season has also been delayed, Cole Sprouse know that many things have changed during this time at home, so that when you resume the job Riverdale you will realize that you no longer can act in the way that they did before.

According to the actor’s interaction with the rest of the cast and the members of the staff changetherefore also the scenes filmed could be different, especially those scenes of romance described in the script.

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The nature of the scenes romantic is going to change a little, the catering service is going to change a little bit. The interaction of the cast and the staff will change a little. The type of scenarios where we can record change, the ventilation will have to change at a technical level…

But in addition to the issues Cole mentioned above, the team Riverdale you will need to adjust the history that aims to show to the public, so that have been considered a leap forward in the history to retrieve the time that has been lost for the filming.