Cole Sprouse surprise with a radical change of look in this quarantine


Cole Sprouse he rose to fame thanks to her role in “Riverdale”, since then, has spent his career in the series and dispel rumors that often surround his relationship with Lili Reinhart, whom he met in 2018.

In this quarantinethe actor has had to deal with various criticisms against it, but he prefers to have fun during the social isolation and change your lookwhile many fans are divided in opinions, as Cole think the facial hair is a good option.

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Through its account of Instagram, Cole he shared a couple of photos where he shows his new mustache, which have led to various opinions of his fans, some believe that looks like Johnny Depp in his younger version, others believe that looks very good, but some more support that looks bigger of age.

Cole he joked in one of the publications and entitled: “Polarizing a base of young fans”. LOL Ashley Tisdale, star of High School Musical was also surprised of their appearance, since the mustache will the age increases, some of their followers are hoping that the moustache go away.

Despite the various comments, Cole disfrura of your new image, as many celebs take advantage of the quarantine to feel more comfortable and change their routines, so that the mustache it is part of your outfit in these days.

Cole it has also been fun playing the popular game Animal Crossing, a game that is similar to the Sims, you have to create a life and a fictional world where interactuas with other players.

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The actor is having fun during the quarantine and prefer to ignore the criticism has been targeted on social networks, because they have accused of racism and maltrado against Lili Reinhartbut the couple prefers to stay out of the gossip.