Collectors pay a fortune for the old $ 2 peso bill

Until December 4, an auction will be active in Switzerland for which collectors pay in euros in order to get this Argentine banknote, which is no longer in circulation. Sight.

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In recent times, several coins with errors or bills have been viralized that can be priced for much more than their true face value since collectors are willing to pay up to a fortune. In this context, since they stopped being in circulation, the old $ 2 peso bills are highly sought after and are bought in euros. Sight.

A fortune! How much do collectors pay for the $ 2 peso bill?

It is that since the beginning of October that the 2 pesos with the face of Bartolomé Miter, which stopped being in circulation in 2018, They are sold for up to 70 euros in an auction that is being carried out by a Swiss portal and which will be in force until next December 4.

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It should be noted that the house in charge of carrying out the operation is Numismatik Auctions GmbH “Numis 24” from Austria and In order to participate, buyers must register at least 12 hours before purchasing the much sought-after ticket.

Nevertheless, 2 peso bills are not the only ones desired because in the United States they started with a plan that seeks a total of 6.4 million dollar bills which were issued in duplicate in 2014 and there are several collectors willing to pay up to $ 150,000 to get one of the copies.

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The Bureau of Engraving and Printing, which is the state agency in charge of printing US dollars, in 2014 mistakenly issued two identical runs of 6.4 million dollar bills. That year, the first print run was distributed in New York State. Two years later, another exactly like it arrived in Washington.}

Due to this situation, 6.4 million “pairs” of 1 dollar bills with the same serial number are scattered around the world. So far, only 9 of those pairs have been found and some collectors offer a fortune to acquire them.

What characteristics do these duplicate bills have? They are those issued by the New York Federal Reserve, in their series corresponding to 2013. Their identification must be between the serial numbers B00000001 and B00250000, or between the serial numbers B03200001 and B09600000. In addition, the note must contain a Federal Reserve stamp with the letter “B”. And the serial number must end with the image of a star.

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