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At 39 years of age and with Continuity in the First Division of Aldosivi of Mar Del Plata, The Cordoba Fabricio Coloccini made a summary of his entire career in dialogue with “The nation”, where he relived the most important moments of his current sporting career. As a player, he confessed that one of the most important milestones was his “Debut in first class, the gold medal in Athens because it had never been won in the Games and the championship with San Lorenzo in 2001, which for a fan like me was unique.”

In the first place, the experienced defender spoke of Argentine Soccer and his return after several years of career in Europe: “Out of feelings, out of family ties, we decided to return. But I did a whole mental preparation: what country did I come to, what football did I come to, what disorganization compared to the life I led. In Argentina, you go to any field and they screw you for nothing. Because yes, because it is free. They fuck anyone. Because people are nervous and go to the court to do therapy. I worked on all of that before coming here and I think it helped me. And always responding to my interior, because if you pay attention to the exterior, it drags you, intoxicates you and withdraws you. Much does not matter to me either. I just want to be treated equally everywhere. I never intended to treat anyone differently. Afterwards, I can’t change anyone’s opinion. If I come to the mud, as a way of saying, it is because I want to be in the mud and I want to continue competing. It is what keeps me active and current. When I finish, I will sit down, with some good dunks, and do my evaluation. For now, I continue to write the history of my career ”.

However, he spoke of his passage through “The cyclone”: What is San Lorenzo for you? Cristian Grosso, a journalist for La Nación, consulted.

-And … how to explain it, it’s difficult. Very ugly things happened to me that will never be known, but at one point you also have to set a limit so as not to be an accomplice of what happens. Because they don’t respect anyone. The situation in San Lorenzo is very complicated. There are very good people in San Lorenzo, the delegate, the prop, the canchero, people who cry for San Lorenzo. I left saying everything to the faces of those who corresponded. And sadly, the results are in sight. We must not confuse who the enemy is or reverse the burden of the problem ”.

Finally, being one of the greatest players in the First Division, he spoke of the idols he had in his early days: “The greats were idols. Now, having Martín in front of him is nice. Before, it also happened to me ‘Beto’ Acosta, who played with my old man. I, at 5/6 years old, was their mascot, I entered the field hand in hand with ‘Beto’, and then ‘Beto’ directed me in the First of San Lorenzo”.

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