Colombia was the epicenter of the fashion and music in Latin America, and the stars know it!


More and more prominent in the larger cities and in cities around the country.

In recent years, Colombia with a touch of modernity and atmosphere of a world city, the one that attracts the attention of many travellers, and also the stars!won

This is reflected in the growth of the industry of fashion and music within their own borders.

For example, in 1995, the The Rock al Parkthe largest festival in the country, it brings together groups and artists of the musical-the most famous in the world. And at the end of each edition of the Simon Bolivar Park in Bogota, Colombia, was the meeting place for lovers of rock music.

So, with the support of the national Institute of culture and tourism of the capital of Colombia, Rock al Parque as many stars as get, Mo Sandner, Fito Paez, Los Amigos Invisible, Cafe Tacuba and more and more.

Another good example of the passion for the music, it is in Colombia, where the Festival Estéreo Picnic)held since 2010, also in Bogota. And in a space of a little more alternatives in the most important scenes that you have seen artists, such as: Sam Smith, Kendrick Lamar, Lana del Reyand The Weekndamong other things.

All this without forgetting the great concerts in the individual, which are carried out in the most important in the country.

By 2020, Bogotá, Colombia, the shows are quite as important as that of the Backstreet Boys-The, Maroon 5 and Was Eilishto name just a few.

Another super event for the Colombian, which is also the musical stars of the internationally well-known The carnival of Barranquillasince 2019, with his very own concert and official.

This carnival is one of the most famous in the region, and in the last edition counted with the presence of Grammy award-winner, Marc Anthony.

But in Colombia, it is also a fashion, and It is a city that shines in this area.

Each year, Plaza Mayor, Medellín opens its doors and is on the official Website ColombiaModaa trade fair is a metaphor for where we see the runway, stands, and more than 450 exhibitors from the fashion, national and international level.

Without a doubt, ColombiaModa is an event, the fashionista, the most important in South America, and in the presence of a supermodel and the most important designers in the world, impressive.

For Example, Alessandra Ambrosio paraded on the running of the ColombiaModa webs, on more than one occasion, as well as wearing the designs for the spectacular of the national brands.

Other familiar faces that were present at the ColombiaModa? Izabel Goulart, Barbara Fialho, Isabeli Fontana and Nina Agdalone of the former girlfriends, the most famous of all Leonardo DiCaprio.


It is the ideal place for your holiday and you can have a walk through the village, where you will discover historic sites such as Plaza de Bolivar, and Cathedral Primada.

If you don’t like museums and Bogota in the lurch. Here you will find the National Museum, the Museum of Modern Art of Bogota and Gold Museum.

Of course, the food, the culture, the capital of Colombia, is also impressive and engaging. One of the typical local cuisine and international restaurants of international reputation.

Do not leave without trying the famous ajiaco, the soup, the tamale or the almojábanas. And not to forget the dessert, and the delicious juices!

Bogota is also ideal for concerts, because there is a wide range of concerts throughout the year. Rock, Hip-Hop, Jazz, Salsa… your favorite artists are in the show more epic!

In addition to this, the whole month of April this year, the capital welcomes you to the book fair, the authors of the most recognized in the world of literature. And, every two years or so, the Bogota Festival of theatre, that it is a beautiful capital city with a unique atmosphere for your talent and creativity.


The atmosphere There makes the whole world fall in love with them, and if you visit us, you’ll understand. The landscape is mountainous and the temperature is comfortable to participate.

You have a city in sight? Do not miss a visit to the Botanical garden!

A visit to the Museum of Modern art, the Museum of Antioquia, the far the work of the Colombian Fernando is dedicated to Botero.

There you will find also to Explore the Park, and the famous Planetarium.

You need to live a unique experience? Travel in the first week of August, and you can visit the festival of flowers, an event that, since 1957, has become a symbol of the landscape and culture.

At the fair you can fashion shows, concerts and events, which will allow you to enjoy the city in an amazing way.

Of course, if you are a fan of fashion, you can not the ColombiaModa miss… Yes, Colombia has its very own Fashion Week, and it is the most important in Latin America. You will love it!


This is a city that is one of the most extensive catalogues for cultural and recreational activities and its historic centre is one of the most visited places.

Are you a fan of music, singing, dancing and colors? To participate in the carnival of Barranquilla!

This is one of the most important festivals in Colombia and it is a masterpiece of the Oral and Intangible heritage of humanity by Unesco.

The carnival reflects the authenticity of this town, their traditions from generation to generation, uniting all of the people in Colombia, in the same tone.

You want a holiday filled with culture and fun of the game? A visit to Colombia, and you can feel the beat!

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