Colombian Jhon Jader Durán scored a great goal and was dubbed the “Michael Jordan” of football?

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Saturday, 09/16/2023 – 18:52

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On a day when the spotlight is usually directed towards the big teams, Aston Villa has grabbed everyone’s attention, especially that of Colombian Jon Judd Duran. With his performances on the pitch, Duran showed why he is considered one of the best prospects in world football.

The final game of the Premier League saw one of the most exciting moments of the season. Duran only played about 30 minutes on the court, but his performance left a lasting impression. Entering the 70th minute, the young footballer quickly showed his performance.

In the 87th minute, Duran’s performance reached its climax. After receiving a wonderful pass from Digne, Duran used his enviable technical ability to complete a perfect left-foot volley and score a wonderful goal. Not only did he convert the scoreline into a 3-1 victory over Crystal Palace, but he was also named one of the best of the season.

The joy in the stadium was palpable. The impassioned celebrations of Duran and his teammates showed the importance of the moment, but no one expected the club’s reaction on social networks.

Aston Villa’s official account drew a bold comparison between the Colombian and basketball legend Michael Jordan, with a message that read: “You can take this boy out of Chicago, but…”. There is no doubt that this allusion raised expectations for the young talent.

While some believe this comparison is premature or just the product of a momentary emotion, the fact is that Duran has won the recognition and admiration not only of the club and fans, but also of the entire football world. What is indisputable is that with a performance like that day, Jon-Judd Duran was destined to become one of the great stars of international football.

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