Colombian shortlist to referee Cristiano Ronaldo’s Al-Nassr match: Details

Driven by massive financial transfers within Saudi Arabia, Middle Eastern football has become popular in recent years Attracting great sports figures. Likewise, key referees with international experience have been invited to guide matches in the country’s first division.

Wilma Roldan He has been involved in the league on and off and this time, he will be part of the designated refereeing team for the match between Al Raad and Al Nasr. Portuguese icon Cristiano Ronaldo’s team will face Breida next Saturday, September 16, at 10:00 am (Colombian time) at the King Abdullah Stadium.

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this Arbitration shortlist to be made up entirely of Colombians, as the Antioquian will be accompanied by his brothers Miguel Roldan and Santander Alexander Guzmán. Apart from, Mauricio Pérez will also attend VARwho often plays the same role in the Colombian league.

Mateu Rojaz, Cesar Ramos, Ivan Barton and Fernando Lapalini are among the most relevant referees to have played the same role in the Arab League. This way, In addition to holding the record for the most referees in South American football qualifiers, Roldan has become one of the best referees and the most experienced referees at international level.

before the game, Global Club ranks seventh with nine points. In the six games he has played in the First Division this season, He has defeated three opponents. The victims of his power are, Fatah 0-5 dropped, al-shabab Lost one person and lost 4-0. Alhazm They lost to Christian 1-5 in their last game.

Al Nasr was only defeated twice Al Etifaq (2-1) and Altaon (0-2). If you continue to act superior, There is a good chance of entering the top fivebecause they are 10 goals apart, they will be among the leaders.

inside arab club championshipranked second in Group C. They added one win and two drawswhich brings them to a total of 5 points in three games in the second half of 2023.

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