Colored sneakers 2023: autumn novelties

Colored sneakers fall 2023: models and shades that we will wear next season

Although summer still reigns supreme – and with unusually hot temperatures for the second half of August – autumn is inexorably approaching, and therefore it is advisable to start preparing your wardrobe for the change of season in time. Where to begin? Well, with shoes, for example. Or maybe only the ones that have become ubiquitous, as they have evolved from sports shoes to fashion accessories that fit any look, from the most casual to the most elegant. Obviously, we are talking about sneakers, our faithful and already indispensable companions at any time of the year.

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But what will sneakers look like next fall? Until now, although it has been far from absolute dominance, the protagonists of street style have been white sneakers, followed at a certain distance by beige or cream ones. But next season seems destined to impose itself on a new trend: colored sneakers. How can we know? It was shown to us by supermodels and it-girls of street style, offering a preview of the fall-winter 2023 2024 trends.

It-girls have already picked up the trend

Hailey Bieber, who regularly wears sneakers, has long since started replacing white models with red, yellow, or green color options. And if supermodel Bella Hadid chose cobalt blue for her sneakers last fall, then in recent months, actress Jennifer Lawrence has been showing Adidas shoes in Samba and Gazelle models, which have abandoned purple and green.

Don’t get us wrong, white sneakers will still be in style, if only for their natural elegance and ease of pairing. But, for lovers of slightly bolder chromatic combinations and generally bright accessories, which, as you know, help to give the mood that lift that does not interfere, especially in inclement weather, colored sneakers will do. be a highly desirable option with a high coolness factor.

What are some other recent examples? Singer Billie Eilish. Earlier this week, the company released a new collection in collaboration with Nike that reinterprets the iconic Alpha Air Force Low with red and black details. However, during Copenhagen Fashion Week in Spring/Summer 2024, Ganni introduced a new limited edition created for New Balance that includes neon yellow sneakers with black details.

Why choose colored sneakers

As the looks of Hailey Bieber, Emily Ratajkowski or Jennifer Lawrence show, multicolored sneakers can bring captivating liveliness to even the simplest ensembles. Whether it’s a stylistic minimalist classic like a trench-and-jeans combo or a shirt dress, sneakers in pink, yellow or blue create breathtaking contrasts, immediately emphasizing the trendiness of the look.

A practical reason to choose colored sneakers? They are less dirty than white ones, especially on rainy autumn days.

How to combine colored sneakers in autumn 2023

Minimalistic outfits in soft colors are the perfect context to insert sneakers in bright colors, which in this case not only enliven the image, but also become its accent. But, of course, it is not necessary to be limited to the “less is more” view. Maximalist ones can offer no less exciting possibilities for stylistic expression, although in this case the combination can be more complex and always lurks the risk of exaggeration.

Have we convinced you and are you already looking forward to the colorful sneaker trend next fall? Keep in mind that Salomon trekking models are now available in a wide variety of color combinations. If, on the other hand, you prefer classic running shoes, you can try the latest colorways where Adidas has ditched their historic Samba and Gazelle models.

Salomon AKS Pro

Salomon AKS Pro

Adidas x Wales

Bonner SL72

Adidas x Wales

Onitsuka Tiger

Mexico 66

Onitsuka Tiger

Nike x Martin Rose

Shox MR4 Scuba Blue sneakers

Nike x Martin Rose

New balance

pink sneakers

New balance

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