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Colored wigs and reggaeton: the preview of the first collaboration of Camilo and Selena Gómez

The song, '999', will be released this Friday, August 27
The song, ‘999’, will be released this Friday, August 27

This week, Camilo, one of the most important and popular Colombian singers of today, made public a news that moved his followers. After a successful collaboration with the Canadian musician, Shawn Mendes, the paisa announced the existence of a song with Selena Gómez. ‘999 ′ is the name of the track that will be released next Friday, August 27, and both artists shared previews of the song that promises, like’ Kesi ‘, to be a national and international success. The song will be a new Spanish song on the US chart, and it will have Camilo’s signature acoustic guitar sound.

The musician, recognized for songs such as ‘Ropa Cara’, ‘Vida de Rico’ and ‘Favorite’, shared, on his Instagram account, a preview of what will be ‘999’, in terms of sound and video clip. “I want you to come visit tonight, I’ll put your favorite playlist in the background. I want to do it with you, I don’t want to have to go slowly ”, both artists sing, as a duet.

In the video, initially, the interpreter of ‘Lose You To Love Me’ is seen sitting in front of the door of a house, wearing a green dress and a black wig, degraded in blue. Following this, the Colombian is seen leaning out of the corner of a wall, dressed in black. The background image is distorted, and Selena returns to the scene, dressed in a fuchsia dress, and with a short, yellow wig. Camilo makes a new panning, where he is seen interpreting the song, before the closing of the video where Selena appears, from behind, walking with a dress and a purple wig.

Echeverry, since the announcement of the song with Gómez, has been very excited, and has talked about how much this collaboration with the actress also means. Precisely, these days, he remembered a fragment of an interview he did with Jessie Cervantes, for the podcast and video format ‘Exa’, in 2019. In the dialogue with the communicator, Camilo commented that one of his dream collaborations was precisely the one that today became a reality: Selena Gómez.

“1000 I know you think of me and your heart moves (…) if you want to go to 1000”, wrote Selena Gómez on her social networks. “I feel honored. I love this song and I admire you so much “Echeverry replied.

“There is a phrase that tells you ‘be careful with what you dream because it may come true’ and you sometimes think ‘no, maybe that won’t come true’, but every time in my life it goes away reducing the range of what may not become reality, then I am afraid to dream because it probably will not happen, but what do I know, for example … I would be very excited to do a song with Selena Gómez, for example. I would like (…) it would seem very cool to me “he said in those days. The singer, on his Instagram account, published the fragment of the conversation, and assured that he was very nostalgic to see how he had predicted what is happening to him today.}

“I see this and it gives me a lot of feeling (…) Thank God because he is in control of my dreams and the times of everything (…)”, wrote.

The fragment of the video clip of Selena and Camilo, shared on social networks, received multiple comments. Camila Cabello, a former member of Fifth Harmony, shared the video on her Instagram account, just as she did when the Colombian collaborated with his partner, the Canadian, Shawn Mendes.

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