Colorful and Reptile Hailey Bieber Summer Nails: Dragon Nails Among Emerging Summer 2023 Trends

Hailey Bieber nails: Model breaks mold with psychedelic dragon nails

Hailey Bieber is proving to be quite the muse when it comes to nails. The web goes crazy every time the model and businesswoman posts the story of her new manicure, and this time for a justifiable reason. Hailey’s new nails are a masterpiece with pink hues reminiscent of dragons that fade to black, on which yellow details stand out, delivered over designs that intentionally mimic the skin of the fabulous animal. Remembers scales and details. The artist of this nail-art is currently unknown as Rode’s founder hasn’t tagged anyone in the stories, but we do know that the latest celebrity manicure was created by the same author of the popular manicure with yellow chrome enamel, Nails By Zola Were. Born Zola Zagorint, who probably worked on a psychedelic project worn by Hailey.

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Hailey Bieber nails: colors and description of the latest manicure

Rhodes’ overseas success has helped the model and now a new beauty guru show her kaleidoscope nails Over the weekend, showing off a completely different style from the bright donut nails that made her famous with neutral colors and clearly belonging to an American old-wealth fantasy. The first detail that attracts attention is that not all nails are the same, but mismatched. Each finger on the hand has its own individual personality that is expressed with different colors and patterns: sunny yellow, peach pink, purple, fuchsia, lime and bottle green and different effects such as tie-dye, marble and Flaky skin, and there is no better way to welcome the beginning of summer than to blink in a more organic, natural and at the same time decisive and trendy style.

Hailey Bieber Nails: A Radical Style Makeover

If Hailey wears polka dot nails on her left hand animal inspired On the little finger and on the thumb, along a ring finger – where the diamond wedding ring given to her by her husband Justin Bieber stands out – the same fingers on the right stand out with a wider design, which mimics the shape of the glitter. Dinosaur bones with colors such as acid green and red. A very different manicure from the chic style that the model usually wears, but which is probably a way to fully embrace summer and prepare for great adventures in the wild. Rode Fouder, recently arrived in England but not yet in Italy, is used to being daring with color, especially in her street style, but she’s rarely done it in such a radical way before. It will be thanks to her team of collaborators and her insatiable passion for beauty, which continues to deepen as the brand grows, that she has intercepted a emerging trend Which comes from Shibuya and the world of subcultures.

The emerging trend of psychedelic nails

The psychedelic nails that inspired Hailey’s dragon nails are an emerging trend in the nail-art world, hailing from the experimental world of exclusive Tokyo salons. Realists like @nail.sucre here create synthetic-inspired manicures for their team, elongating hands with gel structures and exclusive applications sourced from the earth and nature — a perceptible trend even in the latest Balenciaga campaign inspired by selfies In the dressing room, where Korean nail-artist @nailsbymei — who handles the nails of Kali Uchis, Dua Lipa and FKA Twigs — created a red lacquered elongated spring-shaped look that recalls the animal world . Could Hailey have been influenced by this trend and wanted to start moving from the chic style that sets her apart to a more colorful and fashionable summer look?

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