Colsubsidio job openings, salaries up to $4 million

Career opportunities at Colsubsidio

Hospital Cleaning Coordinator in Bogota

Colsubsidio is looking for Professionals or technicians in administrative or related occupationswith a minimum of one year’s experience as a Cleaning and Maintenance Contract Coordinator in a hospital environment.

The ideal candidate should have the following skills Hospital cleaning staff management and extensive procedural knowledge hospital hygieneand hazardous waste management.It’s important to get management certification hazardous residues and the experience of supervisors.

The work arrangement is Monday to Saturday, 8 hour shift during the day, available on Sundays and holidays. The workplace is located in Teusaquillo, behind CAN, Bogota.

salary: $2,500,000 plus legal benefits, with job or employment contract.

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Hospital cleaning assistant in Bogota

A cleaning company is recruiting 80 people have certification experience At least 6 months of cleaning and disinfection In a hospital entity, e.g. Clinics and hospitals.

Candidate must be fFamiliar with hospital cleaning routesIn addition to having the necessary vaccines (such as tetanus, hepatitis B, and COVID-19), hazardous waste also needs to be managed. Reading and writing skills are also required.

This work involves a timetable 8 hour shifts covering morning, afternoon and evenings, including Sundays and compensatory days off. The contract relates to work or labor and the workplace is located at the National University Hospital Teusaquillo in Bogota.

Salary: $1,160,000, plus surcharge and Sunday pay, and statutory benefits, payable monthly.

SST Professional Physiotherapist

Adecco is looking for a Physiotherapist specializing in Occupational Health and Safety (OSH) for ARL Bolívar.

Requirements include Become a Physical Therapist Specializing in SST and at least have 2 years of experience in build planning, security inspections, trainingindicator management and database management.

Working hours are 8 am to 5 pm Monday to Friday, half day on Saturday. The contract applies to the job or labor and provides all legal benefits and additional benefits such as mobilization assistance.

Salary: Between US$2,570,639 and US$3,200,000,

Deco General Practitioner

A general practitioner has at least 2 years of experience caring for patientsRegarding trauma, resuscitation, intubation, immobilization, suturing, drug dosing, arterial blood gases, monitoring and defibrillation.

The experience must be gained in complexity level III and IV hospitals. Working hours are Monday to Sunday, day and night,

Salary: $4,774,875 plus statutory benefits.

Masser Store Promoter

Adecco is looking for a store promoter position at Masser Company (Altoque and Sbarro Stores).

Requirements include having a bachelor’s degree and at least 6 months of customer service, sales, treasury management and food handling experience, Especially in a pizzeria, bakery or pastry shop.

The contract is a work or labor contract with Adecco, the workplace is located in Bogota.

salary: $1,276,000 plus legal benefits.

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