Combat boots: the shoes that carry Gigi Hadid or Bella Hadid in the fall


Trends come and go, but there are some who return to sweep the street style according to the season -as the combat boots-, this has happened with some shoes for the fall season, particularly a few that are not to the liking of all.

The combat boots appear sporadically in the wardrobe of women because they are the shoes ‘all-rounder’, able to go to places where not even in dreams would bring pumps or high heels, what a concert, perhaps? Yes, this shoe is shown suitable to go to these places or walking for hours during a weekend.

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If you are sufficiently bold, and you have the correct keys to combine, it is possible to bring them to the office and even celebrate your birthday with her in an outfit indomitable: the last people to check are Gigi and Bella Hadid.

What birthday wish? Combat Boots (according to Bella Hadid

Bella Hadid took to the streets on the day of his birthday wearing a pair of trends from a long time ago we did not see. The belt defined the waist with an adjustment clasp -with inspiration in your outfits-school – and the combat boots.

Bella Hadid verifies that the ‘combat boots’ are the ‘must’ of the fall

The sister of Gigi Hadid hit the streets in a black dress -it could very well be nylon- and a light coat and short game, that combined with a few socks under the knee (detail that we saw on the catwalks of Prada) and a pair of boots all terrain. Gave the final touches with some sunglasses futuristic, and some gold earrings; seeing this look on the whole one could say that it also has a little bit of inspiration from the Matrix in it, isn’t it?

Yes, even though she gave them a perfectly styled for the time of the year with which we are dealing, it should be noted that this is not the only way to achieve that is to look good, as Gigi Hadid has also proven that there is more than one way to wear them – even on the catwalk-.

The model has recently led a black tight top and some cargo pants with a detail very unique, had a court emulated lor best of ‘charge’ and the ‘slouchy’, giving as a result a fitted pants at the waist, loose in the middle part and fit it again in the bottom, perfect accent to the fore the ‘combat boots’.

Gigi Hadid makes the ‘combat boots’ the statement of the fall

© Arnold Jerocki

This form of take a look almost sporty it is not the only one; Gigi Hadid also wore this shoe a knitted sweater with different colors and contrast and some denim shorts, a look that might as well come from the mid-90’s, or series such as ‘the prince of The Rap’, confirming that, in fact, the trends of this decade are back.

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Combat boots: the perfect footwear for fall according to the top models

© Arnold Jerocki

The combat boots can be worn both with trousers as with skirts or shorts, always respecting the color with which they were created: black. Whether it is day or night, in the desire to create contrasts or harmonies, this is one of the best assets we can have for autumn, since in addition to protect ourselves from the cold, give us that touch of ‘edgy’ that our closet needs… the word of the celeb.

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In fact, with the right keys you can take to the office: it is possible to wear a skirt with planks in the color nude, a black sweater and long sleeve these shoes. Another of the options you can be a pants ‘bib’ black, blouse or sweater, white in color, and this shoe, able to give a touch of rejuvenating an outfit work, confirming the versatility of the same.