come the first measures are not drivers of the Sony console


Come to the first analysis on the size of the new home console Sony. Based on the photos of the new PlayStation 5 the community was able to provide a first estimate of the size of the next-generation platform.

The various analyses that are already circulating in the network on the measures of the new PlayStation 5 have been obtained from comparison with Xbox Series X in particular, using as a reference the dimensions of the standard of the Blu-Ray and USB ports.

According to the first reconstructions PlayStation 5 should be as high as 40 centimeters, 10 more than the rival Xbox Series X. a Lot more complex estimation on the width that is in part conditioned by the external body, and that it changes depending on the version, Standard, or Only Digital. At first glance, in any case, the console of Sony seems to recover a few inches compared to the Xbox Series X, but which is register 15 cm of width.

As always, we invite you to take this information as mere speculation, up to a possible confirmation of Sony. Meanwhile, the PlayStation 5 has also shown its accessories official including the headset, the HD Camera, and the Media Remote.

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