comedian daniel montoya freaks out

Daniel Montoya was shocked after he went to the doctor and saw everything about him.

Montoya said via his Instagram story that he hadn’t seen a doctor to check his health in more than eight years.

“I just said: ‘I have a headache.’ A few days ago, life hit the brakes on me and I took the test with mixed results,” he wrote on Instagram.

The comedian shared a photo of a lot of medications he is likely taking as he made a list of all the medications he came up with after his medical.

Daniel Montoya undergoes a medical

“High blood pressure, kidney stones, prediabetes, almost bronchitis from poorly treated colds, obesity from poor diet,” he wrote.

The comedian said doctors told him he was discharged on time and in a manageable condition.

Similarly, he also took this opportunity to motivate and invite fans to see a doctor, and made it clear that the best gift you can give your loved ones today is a good physical examination to prevent or treat any disease in time.

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