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News coming in September 2023 to the Paramount+ streaming platform, including movies, TV shows and more. In fact, the service will be preparing to receive various series for subscribers, including the second season for the Italian public. Life with Charles.

Not only Netflix, Prime video AND Disney+: Also Paramount+ will welcome several unpublished editions of the month September 2023. New items are ready to entertain subscribers, including the long-awaited second season of the series. Life with Charlesfrom and from Charles Verdone. In addition to the Roman actor, director and comedian, the series will feature very rich choral composition.

Paramount+ September 2023 Life with Charles 2
Paramount+, all the news for September 2023 (provided by the press office) – VelvetMag

In the series, in fact, we will see: Max Tortora, Monica Gerritore, Stefania Rocca, Sangiovanni, Claudia Gerini, Christian De Sica, Gabriele Muccino, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Maria De Filippi, Maria Payato, Ludovica Martino, Fabio Traversa, Caterina De. Angelis, Antonio Banno, Filippo Contri, Stefano Ambrogi, Claudia Potenza, Giada Benedetti, Sergio Forconi, Teresa Castello, Corrado Solari, Olga Rossi, Nina Pons, Sofia Bistacchi, Mita Medici. The show, the first season of which was filmed for Prime videothis is not the only novelty.

The undisputed winner of the films will also appear on Paramount+ in September 2023. 95th Academy Awardswith seven statuettes, Everything everywhere and at once. Below are all the games coming to stream next month.

Paramount+ series and reality shows will be released in September 2023.

  • Star Trek: Lower DecksSeason 4 from September 7;
  • Life with CharlesSeason 2 from September 15;
  • Marcelo, Martello, ZephyrSeason 1 from September 15;
  • MTV Baby Cribs ItalySeason 3 from September 24;
  • No exitSeason 1 from September 28;
  • Billionsseason 7;
  • Special Operation: LionessSeason 1
Paramount+, September 2023, EEAO
Everything is everywhere and at once among the Paramount + news for September 2023 (provided by the press service) – VelvetMag

Movies available on Paramount+ from September: Earth Everything everywhere and at once

Let’s start further September 9, 2023Debuts at Paramount+ Creek VIthe last chapter of the famous saga created by Wes Craven. The director, like the franchise’s previous title, Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillette, sees the film’s return Jenna Ortega AND Melissa Barreralike New last girlor sisters Tara and Sam Carpenter, Courteney Cox And Hayden Panettiere.

September 19debut on the platform killer club, a thriller that tells the story of a professional assassin hired to kill seven people. He is very sorry that seven people, in turn, are engaged in the same profession as him and have the same job as him. Cast: Henry Golding, Noomi Rapace and Daniela Melchior.

From September 26Paramount+ is adding last year’s Oscar winner to its catalog: Everything everywhere and at once. The film tells the story of Evelyn (Michelle Yeoh), a Chinese immigrant who finds herself at the center of an adventure between parallel universes in which she becomes the only hope for existence. against a mysterious threat.

Finally, from September 30, 2023coming to Paramount+ st.heroes. This is an action movie with Sasha Luss, Wallis Day, Isabelle Fuhrman, Sky Jackson. Among other new products of the month, the following are also expected: “Parasite”, “Memoirs of a Killer”, “Minari”, “Oldboy” and “Lady Vendetta”.; great classics like Close Encounters of the Third Kind, Easy Rider AND Kramer vs. Kramer; and, especially, such blockbusters as Closer, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, Little Women AND Julie and Julia.

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