Comes strong economic crisis by coronaviruses: López Obrador


The president stated that the Government of the Republic has healthy public finances. Photo: Cuartoscuro

The president stated that the Government of the Republic has healthy public finances. Photo: Cuartoscuro


In a small rally, according to measures of “healthy distance” by the Covid-19, the president of the Republic, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, he acknowledged that there will come a economic crisis very strong and promised to mitigate their effect on households that do not get the country.

In his eighth tour of presidential Sonora, developed in San Luis Rio Colorado, where he oversaw the progress of works of public infrastructure, educational, sport, recreational spaces and health, the contractor undertook to deliver 500 thousand supports to encourage entrepreneurs and a million credits to entrepreneurs of the informal economy, with a investment of over 25 billion pesos.

Now with the crisis of the coronavirus, the epidemic, we’re going to expand social programs, we already know as it to make, it is not improvise anything; it’s the same in the case of the batches for the well-being, this year with small loans up to 500 thousand merchants, artisans, those who are looking for the life as you can,” pledged President López Obrador.

He stated that the Government of the Republic has healthy public finances and that is going to confront the crisis without get the country. According to the representative, in sexenios spent in each global recession is requesting a loan from the International Monetary Fund to revive the economy, but is supposed to be in the 16 months of his administration had not increased the national debt because there are anti-corruption and austerity.

We are going to face this crisis with discipline, honesty, austerity, and without affecting the people, because also before the recipe was to tell the people, we have to tighten our belts; we fell the price of oil as ever, 13 pesos the price of the barrel, before when it was increasing the price of gasoline, although it lowered the prices of fuel in other countries, now we made the decision, we sell a million 200 thousand barrels a day of $ 50 to 12, we decided not to increase the price of gasoline, but put it down,” added the President AMLO.

This scheduled that the President of the Republic, Lopez Obrador, return to Sonora on Friday, April 10 at monitor works improvement program for border cities of Nogales.


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