Companies, Gaming Hardware, Razer Is The Production Of Masks


Hardware Company
Illustration of the manufacture of the mask. Photo: Net/Foot

Companies, gaming-hardware famous, Razer plan to change the factory. The company intends to use against the corona in the manufacture of masks.

Pandemic-corona spreads to all parts of the world, makes the mask to be very high, either for medical needs or for the community.

According to the World Health organization, WHO, is in need of a mask, the rose at the beginning of this month drastically. It is estimated 89 million medical masks will be needed, COVID-19 per month to respond.

The meeting will be made such a request, WHO said it needed the increase in manufacturing amounted to 40 percent.

A very large number of these promote different companies, to participate shoulder to shoulder, against corona.

Hardware Company Razer Changes To The Production Line

Similarly, the hardware company Razer, which focused previously on the production of hardware-gaming-now plans to produce a mask.

Min-Liang Tan, CEO of Razer, said in a tweeted today, say, to change in the last few days, engineers and designers of the company some of the first production line for the manufacture of the mask.

“we can all have a role and do what can be done with the situation seriously, let’s take care of yourself and family, team Razer also tries to do what it can,” he said.

Mentioned not the Details of the mask are generated by a hardware company added to the gaming-Tan, however, the company Razer will donate up to 1 million masks for the health authorities around the world.

Originally posted by tech sports, for the first Batch to be used for state facilities in Singapore, while for the distribution is supported by the office of global and regional companies.

So, the distribution of the supply of reserves provided to achieve Razer, the government in the regions and health authorities.

Many Technology Companies In The Production Of Masks

As it turns out, is not only a hardware company Razer, which took part in the meeting of demand on the world market to supply masks.

At the end of last month, it was announced that the Japanese electronics giant Sharp, generate plans, and is with 150,000 masks per day in mid-March.

In addition to Foxconn, one of the electronic factory, the largest in the world, the construction of a production line for the manufacture of a surgical mask, so that joint production back online faster.

A hardware company, and many companies are experiencing the devastating effects of the pandemic corona, which is why a lot of companies began to help each other to fight against this virus. (Muhafid/R6/HR-Online)