Companies must pay the full wages of workers in a public health emergency: Ebrard


Companies must pay workers their full wages and do not reduce wages to the public health emergency existing in Mexico due to the expansion of the coronavirus, warned Marcelo Ebrard, secretary of Foreign Affairs.

In a press conference, the secretary said that, in the event that any company tries to pay less to their workforce, will be faced with the mexican labor law.

“This declaration is a public health emergency by causes of forces majeure. Company try to (pay less than what corresponds to their workers) is going to face a labor process that is going to lose, because the law is very clear,” said the chancellor.

“We will not agree to the companies, because if you do, you will destroy your company; you run out of all of the knowledge and the ability. It’s like a suicide”, he continued.

This Monday, the confirmed cases of coronavirus in Mexico amounted to one thousand and 94 deaths to 28, according to the ministry of Health.

Due to the growth of the pathogen, the Secretary of Health spanned the country, the period of suspension of non-essential activities until 30 April.

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