Companies should pay salaries full before a public health emergency: Ebrard


MEXICO CITY.- Marcelo Ebrard Casaubón, head of the Secretariat of Foreign Relations, stated that the companies that are based in Mexico must pay their workers the full salarydespite the declaration of public health emergency to the epidemic by the new coronavirus.

At the press conference of this day noted:

“This declaration is a public health emergency by causes of forces majeure. Company that try to[notpaythefullsalarytotheirworkers)aregoingtofaceintheworkprocessthatisgoingtolosebecause[nopagarelsueldocompletoasustrabajadores)sevaenfrentarenelprocesolaboralquevaaperderporquethe law is very clear in addition we do not agree, do not agree to the companies, because if you do you destroy your company, you run out of all knowledge, the ability of the company, it is almost like a suicide.”

However, the secretary indicated that there will be companies that, during this period of suspension of non-essential activities due to the health emergency does not pay full wages, so that:

There will be from administrative penalties, that will put you a fine, a closing, even if it is demonstrated that for the reason that you did that, someone was caught, you can have up to criminal liability”.

Ebrard Casaubón emphasized the importance of Stay at home to decrease the spread by the new disease:

The more effective this month, keep us all, soon we will go back to normal.”

He added that this will have a economic impact for the country, among more days to spread the epidemic:

It would be a year of economic difficulty and this could increase poverty in Mexico, if we don’t heed the call to stay at home.”

Finally he made a call to “close ranks” to the business sector and the population in general, to address this contingency.

The measures of Health Safety, undertaken by the declaration of a public health emergency due to force majeure, the General Health Council to tackle the epidemic by COVID-19 include the suspension of non-essential activities march 30 at April 30,but keeps active all those essential activities for the functioning of the Country and the economy.

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