Concern for a dead deer in the area: Could bird flu spread to other mammals?

SENASA (National Food Hygiene and Quality Service) is currently evaluating a case of concern in the southeast of the province: The discovery of dead deer near Monte Hermoso suggests a possible mutation of the bird flu virus that is killing sea lions across the continent.

Against the backdrop of the discovery of dead or dying sea lions off the coast of Argentina, a dead fawn was found on the shore of an area close to the beach on Sos Beach, a few kilometers east of Monte Hermoso.

According to the Tresarroyense newspaper voice of the people, “The animal has been removed from the scene and information is expected to be available on whether SENASA personnel took samples for analysis of the cause of death.”

The spread of avian influenza to mammals is of deep concern because, while the disease is fairly infective to humans, the mutations it affects in mammals may be an intermediate step in its spread to humans.

In fact, there is a deer disease derived from this condition called “chronic cachexia”, which was discovered in different parts of the world as early as the 1960s. The potential for the virus to mutate and eventually affect humans is real, though it hasn’t gotten much attention from health officials just yet.

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At the same time, there are huge discrepancies and rampant misinformation about what’s really going on, given that the growing crisis on Argentina’s coast is likely to cast a shadow over elections due for October, and that authorities appear to have no real intention of intervening.

This is the case, although Authorities admit there are only 200 affected wolves across the countrya figure that barely covers what is happening in Necochea, where experts monitor daily They have reported about 240 wolves dead or dying.In fact, wolves began to be abandoned on downtown beaches to the point that Authorities have asked neighbors not to copy images of the animals on social networks Tried to include comments on this topic.

On social networks, on the other hand, you can see dozens of user comments pointing to unverified versions in which a “company” is confirmed to have poured pollutants into the water without further explanation. Numerous comments from users seem to be talking about pollutants in the water, Although in any case there is no data on leaks or anything like that to suggest that possibility.

The spread of false information poses a danger not only to the local population, but also to agricultural production in the region: just a few days ago, farms on Route 88 had to slaughter thousands of animals due to bird flu, which may It will endanger the health of local people. If an emergency is not handled properly, the consequences will multiply. In this case, rampant misinformation isn’t helping at all.

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Meanwhile, sick sea lions continue to appear all over the coast despite risk-seeking attempts by authorities to de-escalate the situation: Another large sea lion specimen was found on Rayta Central Beach in Tres Creek on Sunday.

The discovery was made by a neighbor who quickly notified rangers at Tresarroyense Spa. After a while they reached the place on the beach where he and the animal were still alive, it was large but showed signs of being badly affected by some disease.

They immediately put up fences to prevent unsuspecting or just curious people from approaching or risking their health by trying to touch the animals.

Influenza can also spread to humans through the air, but it can also spread through contact, so SENASA advises against contact with marine animals that are showing symptoms of a certain disease or that have died.

Meanwhile, another stuffed sea lion was spotted on a recent Saturday morning off the coast of Kla Romeco in Central Beach, near the unobstructed descent.Rangers intervene locally Juan “Tito” Gasveld.

According to information provided by SENASA to La Voz del Pueblo, Tres Arroyos has so far found 20 animals infected with avian influenza, and no other animal specimens infected with influenza have been found.

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