Concerned about the successive deaths of coastal sea lions: investigating whether it is bird flu

The sighting of lifeless sea lions in the Necochea South Breakwater area has caused panic in the community. Authorities have taken immediate action to preventively close the terminal to conduct research and collect samples from dead and sick animals. The possible cause of these deaths is under urgent investigation.

Official sources have confirmed that the southern breakwater has been closed as a precautionary measure and a corresponding analysis has been carried out. According to reports, this measure is expected to last at least 48 hours to allow sampling and detailed research.

The deaths of an unknown number of local sea lions, as well as the detection of multiple specimens showing obvious symptoms of disease, have alarmed health authorities. Coordinated action has been taken by municipal and provincial authorities and marine mammal experts due to the possibility of an outbreak of bird flu.

The Department of Marine Mammals at the University of Mar del Plata and the National Agricultural Products Health and Quality Service (Senasa) have joined the investigation to determine the causes of these deaths and possible diseases.

LDue to the presence of symptomatic specimens and the potential for an outbreak of avian influenza, this situation has been considered extremely serious. Swab results confirming the disease are still awaited, but the situation has led to a decision to pre-emptively close the sea wall to prevent any further risk.

health advice

For their own safety and that of the animals, residents of Necochea and the surrounding area should exercise caution and not approach stuffed sea lions. Local authorities and experts worked together to determine the cause of these deaths and develop appropriate preventive measures.

The conclusions of the Mar del Plata and Senasa University researchers are critical to understanding the causes of these deaths and making informed decisions that benefit the health and safety of the community. Avian influenza is a disease that affects both wild and domestic birds and has the potential to affect humans. We will continue to monitor developments closely while awaiting further information from experts.

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