«Concert at the Stadio Olimpico? a dream I went mad to see Vasco”

gazelle in the registry office it is called Flavio Bruno Pardini, He’s 33 years old and on Friday he gets to realize his dream: he’ll be in concert But Olympic StadiumIn its Rome “Bitch and Handsome”.

Concerned? nervous? Happy?
“Focusing. I get to play in stadiums after many moves: smaller venues, more famous, sports halls. If so many people follow me it’s because I haven’t let them down (Friday’s There is little room left for, ed.)».

Will it be a special concert at Rajdhani Stadium?
“It will be a long emotional swing. Many pieces, old and new. I will also sing alone. But I don’t want to spoil anything, whoever comes should be a surprise».

Least guests on stage: Other than Fulminaki?
«Besides Fulminacci (the song “Millions” from the new album, Ed with him) has many friends. But top secret.”

If you don’t want to talk about the future, let’s talk about the past. School?
“A disaster. The first year I did it in Mamiani and they rejected me. Then promoted. The second is still there they rejected me … and so on practically until I snatched the diploma in another school took “.

« I don’t know why I enrolled in Law, which is not what I wanted to study. I ran away after 2 months. I enrolled in literature, but I lasted 2 weeks: I was bored and I always fell asleep in class».

Have you dedicated yourself to music?
“Yeah, that’s what I was feeling inside. But meanwhile I was working. I wanted my independence and I wanted to get away from my mother and father’s house».

Which jobs did you do?
«Bartender in a small bar in Monti, I wrote demode there (“But the sky is bigger than inside the bar. Only half”). Then I worked in a pizzeria: my manager, Antonio Sarrubi, came there to fish for me. I remember I resigned, saying “Sorry, I have to go on tour”».

But is it true that you also worked as a postman?
“Yes, a three-month replacement. The elders in the office swore that they hadn’t seen a worse postman than me in years. I messed up, but I had fun ».

Last time at the Olympia?
“Roma-Milan in the Stands”.

Three Giallorossi players ever?
«Toti above all. Then Montella and Cassano».

And the concert at the Olimpico?
«I also went to Ligabue alone».

«Many, from Ed Sheeran to Mangoni. I remember Vasco. I was a child, little more than an adult. We were let off without tickets. Towards the end, we went nuts and managed to get (am I telling you?) to the last piece: Albachiara sang. He started crying bitterly. But I turned and my friends were crying too.”

Do what you love, you are wearing the crown of a dream. Yet there is always a veil of pessimism in your songs.
“It’s me. I’m sensitive. It’s like the world is falling apart and I feel it.”

Do you listen and sing it, especially in your latest album “Dentro”?
“My vision is on the record. Cynical and romantic. That’s how I am”.

Is Rome too whimsical and romantic?

«No, Rome is a bitch. And it’s so beautiful.” Read the full article
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