Concert review – THE WEEKND: another championship. Second concert

Each concert is an experience, a moment to be lived and, above all, to be shared with someone. Yesterday and today, 160,000 people in Milan shared their impressions of The Weeknd After Hours til Dawn Tour.

The Tour of Records, the best of the year, as many have defined it, was not to be missed.

Yesterday’s first round was a great success and Abel Makkonen Tesfaye, real name The Weeknd, excited and convinced everyone.
Great show, great stage, great effects and great hits from start to finish.

How could I not go to this concert?

Impossible, mainly because this may be the last concert of The Weeknd in its current form and name.
How it will change and what will remain of The Weeknd or Abel, we will only know in the future.

I arrive around 20…
I have to say. We are privileged. The black bracelet gives me access to a relaxing terrace that I enjoy while waiting for an evening in the company of various vippames for an event not to be missed (I only recognized Rovazzi, Mengoni, Eliza, Dardust, Angelina, but the terrace was certainly full of personalities music and entertainment ).

The impact of the scene from here is impressive. The background set design is a dystopian futuristic city.
Silhouettes of silver skyscrapers through which the rays of the setting sun (real) pass.

Among the reproduced skyscrapers you can see the Cathedral of Sao Paolo, the CN Tower in Toronto and the Empire State Building in New York.

From the stage begins a podium more than a hundred meters long and a silver deity in the middle. A huge cyborg (created by Hajime Sorayama), almost like an alien totem that dominates the world of The Weeknd, and at the end of the aisle there is another round stage and a huge moon lighting up the night.

Exactly at 21 the light comes on.

I start with a bang, the music starts with Dawn FM and Take My Breath and the audience is already hot!

Among the lights, lasers, visual effects, smoke, fog and flames, a corps de ballet of about thirty dancers and a drummer on stage. Ricky Lewis AND Patrick Greenaway guitarist, bassist, keyboardist and multi-instrumentalist.

And then him! The survivor, the god of pop, who enters all in white, with a silver mask, almost like a space gladiator, to light up the new world with his songs, his rhythm and his energy.

A two-hour show that takes the Canadian pop star on an almost conceptual journey.
The moon, the robotic totem, the city that lights up, is destroyed, and then the one who rises again to the middle of the performance, removing the mask and rising from the ashes.
Everything is sung as if it were a record, precise, acoustically perfect, intense and penetrating.

The glue of all then is the music. All hits, all hits, all pull, all dance.

The final element of show excellence is the audience.
Endless, attentive, singing and illuminating thanks to the luminous bracelets that are so fashionable to make sets.

I confess that at many moments I shuddered at the majesty and stage grandeur of the spectacle.
It’s hard to find a fault, something that didn’t work.
I didn’t even argue with the guards, there were no mosquitoes and the climate was pleasant (after the devastation of the last days in Milan) it was neither hot nor cold.

The perfect evening to share musical emotions.
That’s the beauty of music, especially if you have The Weeknd in front of you.

Without a shadow of a doubt, another championship!

RATE: 9.00


The show was opened by Canadian DJ and producer Kaitranada and American producer Mike Dean.

Dawn FM
Take my breath
How to make you love me?
Can’t feel my face
Lost in the fire
Kissing land
Crew love
balloon house
low standard of living
Party monsters
Non-working hours
Out of time
I’m feeling it
die for you
Is there anyone else?
I have never been there
Evil games
call my name
save your tears
Less than zero
blinding lights
Tears in the rain
In your eyes
Moth in flame





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