Concerts, fairs, festivals… What are the cultural events are canceled ?


Illustration of a concert in Toulouse FRED SCHEIBER / 20 MINUTES

  • Sunday, the minister for health has announced that the ban on the collection of more than 1,000 people.
  • One of the most important consequences of the cancellation or postponement of concerts and other cultural events.
  • In Toulouse, the Zenith or the Bikini doesn’t have a restrictions to be missed.

Updated with the new ad cancellation on the 11.

To curb the spread of the corona virus, Olivier Véran has announced that this Sunday
the prohibition of collection of more than 1,000 people. Since the announcements of the cancellation of events piling up in Toulouse and in his residential area.

In particular, in the cultural field. Numerous concerts had to be in the “pink city” have already been transferred, no matter whether in the Zenith or in the conference, the track width is smaller than the Bikini.

In Zenith’s reports in the series

“The vast majority of the shows programmed in the Zenith of Toulouse metropolis are affected, but we do not know when the period of validity of this measure “, as the direction of the largest event hall in the town of rose, on his page in Facebook.

After the phupai art and M, of which the show is scheduled for the end of may, has been postponed, on Sunday, may 4. October, this Monday, the leaders of the tour Dadju and Christophe Maé have announced that the two singers would not occur as planned in March.

Like his famous brother, with glasses, the rapper from Melun, occurs in the concert on the stage of the Zenith, up to 2. October. Christophe Maé is it is now on the 27. Until then, the tickets will remain valid for the new date.

The Alain Souchon planned on 12. March is postponed to Sunday, 13. september to 17 h.

Bikini, multiple appointments reprogrammed

With a measuring device to 1,499 persons, the concert hall Bikini, Ramonville, does not escape the measures taken by the government. Three shows, all of which were transferred completely. There are those, Caravan Palace, the 12. in March, Chinese Man, the 19. March and I AM 24. March. The other appointments are kept for the moment.

The ” Pat patrol “, acting for the small expected on Sunday at 14 o’clock in the Zénith of Toulouse will take place on 10. October. For “show Mature” Norman, as planned, on 20. March 2020 to 20: 30, will take it again next year. The youtubeur humorist is on 9. april 2021.

In the Casino Barrière also

You can see the best valves of the comedian Maxim Gasteuil only with the 13. His show, planned for 10. april in the Casino is a barrier, in the 16th century. June, at 20: 30, tickets remain valid for the new date. Always in the Casino the fans of David Hallyday your ticket for your concert on 15 had. come, go, see, play on 3. november.

A concert of the Bolshoi theatre in the Halle aux Grains

In the framework of the 2. edition had to be the musical the English-Russian concert of the Bolshoi theatre, this 10, 11 and 12. March in the Halle aux Grains. You will be canceled, according to a statement, released by the organizers on their page Facebook.

A decision had to stand in the next few hours to the next events in the framework of this event.

Yassine Belattar, three dates in may

He may, had to, the 11. March, 28. april and 22 June. Finally, Yassine Belattar is that of the 27. may, at 20: 30 on the stage of the Comédie de Toulouse. Already purchased tickets remain valid for this date.

Maintaining shows Odyssud, and elsewhere

Has Odyssud in Blagnac held a number of events for the hour. The number of spectators is not more welcomed than the famous bar 1,000 people.

Each year, about 1,500 people gather together in the festival “Blagnac”, “play” in the hall of the Ramiers, of the municipality in the North-west of toulouse. This free event, where many of the clubs that are not on this March 21. He is pushed.

Smaller rooms, such as the Live-connection to continue the show and keep the dates of the artists.

A spring without carnival

It was to be expected. The carnival of Toulouse should start at 14. March with a descent boxes of soap, and ends on the 29. March with a Big parade in the streets of Toulouse does not take place.

Without their enthusiasm, the members of the Committee for the organization of the carnival uniform (Cuckold) promises a new edition in the next year.

On the exhibition grounds, the fairs are remballent

Another location is strongly affected by the limitations of the government taken in the fair of Toulouse. The living room is the TAF, which organised specifically on employment and training and of the Region and Toulouse Metropole does not take place, the 11-and 12-March, it moved to the fall.

This is also the case of the salon of wines and Terroirs to be held the 14 and 15 March, and finally from the 5. to 7. June. How Eros Expo, the living room, the erotic, the will be pleased, but at the 7. and 8. november of this year, not the 14 and 15 March.

What is the international fair of Toulouse, to be held from 17 to 26. april, no decision has yet been taken. The organizers are preparing for all eventualities, knowing that the fair has to move in this year in Beauzelle and take quarters in the MEET.