Confirmed 194 deaths and 3 thousand 441 patients Covid-19; increased by 260 cases (+video)


Through a conference of the Secretariat of Healththe assistant Secretary for Health, Hugo Lopez-Gatell he indicated that today amounted to 194 deaths and 3 thousand 441 confirmed cases of coronavirus.

It is worth noting that in 24 hours, increased by 20 deaths and 260 patients of Covid-19.

The doctor indicated that there are still 10 thousand 105 suspected cases and will have practised tests to a total of 31 thousand 496 people.

López-Gatell explained that of the 3 thousand 441 confirmed cases, 30% were kept in the hospital and 70% have been cases outpatient.

He explained that within the patients suffering from the virus, 348 equivalent to 10.11% are hospitalized in quality stable, while 569 a 16.54% are kept in quality of bass and 123, that is to say the 3.57% are cased.

On the other hand, of the 194 deaths, 72% were male and 28% are females, and the range of victims the youngest was 26 years old and the largest is 92 years of age, however, the median age remains of 57 onwards.

The deceased suffered from chronic diseases such as: hypertension, diabetes, obesity, smoking, chronic renal failure, COPD, cardiovascular disease, immune suppression and asthma.

The official indicated that in the mortality rate are higher states of Quintana Roo, Mexico City, Sinaloa, Baja California, Tabasco, mexico, Morelia, Hidalgo, Coahuila, Querétaro, Guerrero, Sonora, Michoacan, Jalisco, Nuevo León, Mexico State and Veracruz.

According to the incidence rate presented by the Ssa, mexico City, Mexico is in first place, followed by the State of Mexico, Baca, California, Puebla, Quintana Roo, Jalisco, Sinaloa, Coahuila, Tabasco and Nuevo León.

Finally, in the world is recorded 973 thousand 441 confirmed cases in the last 14 days, however, there are a total of 1 million, 436 thousand 198 patients.

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