Confirmed 45 cases of coronavirus in Edomex


The Secretariat of Health of the entity reported that as of today, Friday added up in the State of Mexico 45 people who have tested positive to coronavirus or COVID-19, that is to say, three more than on Thursday.

Of the total, six were hospitalized, five with high health and 34 in home isolation.

The unit noted that, to date, in analysis 115 suspected cases and 232 have given negative to this condition and all follow up related to import.

The holder of the dependency, Gabriel O’shea Cuevas, pointed out that if we are in phase 2 and with the objective of preventing the spread, it is essential that the society should strengthen the actions to reduce the risk of further spread, as is the insulation in the house, and hygiene measures if you have respiratory diseases, call 800 900 3200 for advice, but do not self-medicate or take home remedies.

He stressed that in the same way, if for any particular situation requires you leave your home, emphasize on washing hands, if you go to your job to clean up the area where she develops her work, the keyboard of the computer, landline and mobile phones, as well as to adopt the sneeze of label or use a disposable tissue for coughing or sneezing.

The holder of Health of the entity commented that another strategy is to use the non-dominant hand to open doors and hold on to railings or on public transport, which reduces the possibility of touching the mouth, nose or eyes to prevent infection.

Finally, he asked the population to stay calm, not to disseminate erroneous information that circulates on the social networks and to go to official sources to have reliable data, but, particularly, to have the confidence that the health sector works for their well-being.



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