Confirmed cases of Covid-19 in Puebla to 11 April


The state of Puebla records 243 confirmed cases of coronavirus and 18 deaths, according to the report issued by the Secretariat of Health federal Covid-19 this April 11.

In Puebla we have a record of 639 cases negative and 308 suspected cases.

Puebla occupies the fourth position in national with more confirmed cases of coronavirus in Mexicounder the CDMX, State of Mexico and Baja California.

To 11 April there is 4,219 cases of Covid-19 in Mexico and there have been 273 deaths from coronavirus, points out the bulletin technical journal on the pandemic.

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Chronology. Coronavirus in Puebla

March 10. It confirmed the first case of coronavirus in Pueblawhen an external supplier for the Volkswagen plant that traveled to Italy was positive in the test.

March 18. The government of the state of Puebla reported that a family that traveled to the united States was positive in Covid-19, but concealed their symptoms, and this meant that 140 people had to be in quarantine.

March 14. The SEP Puebla announces the suspension of classes starting on the 20th of march, as a measure to prevent contamination of Covid-19.

March 20. The ship owners Volkswagen and Audiboth located in Puebla, decided to suspend operations due to pandemic Covid-19.

March 25. Miguel Barbosa, governor of Puebla, he stated that the poor are immune to the coronavirus. “The majority are people well-to-do, do yeah you know it or not? If you are rich you have the risk, if you are poor do not. The poor are immune”, said Barbosa Huerta.

March 30. Miguel Barbosa reported the conversion of five hospitals in the state to attend to the sick of coronavirus.

March 29. It records the first death po Covid-19 in Puebla.

March 31. The SEP Puebla announced that the resumption of classes was postponed to the 31 of April.

April 10. Puebla 15 people killed by the coronavirus.

The data for this content is based on the report and map of cases of Covid-19 made by the General Directorate of Epidemiology, and that are updated on a daily basis after 19 hours.

Graph. Cases of coronavirus in Puebla

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