Confirmed five cases of coronavirus in the criminal Cuautitlán


Five cases of coronavirus have been confirmed in the Centre, Preventive and Social Rehabilitation of Cuautitlán so that launched the Protocol pertinent Medical, in addition to setting a purse seine health due to the infections presented by the inmates.

The Secretariat of Public Security of the State of Mexico (SSEM) gave to know the situation through his Twitter account and added that the family visits at the prison would be restricted until further notice to prevent further spread of the virus.

The infections were confirmed four inmates and a guard from security and custody. In addition to the Undersecretary of operating the Prison system of the State of Mexico announced that other 19 people were found in quality of suspected case of COVID-19.

Inmates infected were moved to the Penitentiary Centre of mexico city-North, place that was enabled by the authorities to operate as a hospital specialising in medical care for persons deprived of their liberty that was infected by the coronavirus. The security guard was sent to your home where you will spend the quarantine.

Before the situation, in addition to the suspension of visits, it expanded schedules to provide appliances of grooming and personal hygiene to inmates and maintains the total discount of the phone calls on weekends.

From next April 13 begin the campaign of identification of vulnerable groups, taking blood pressure and glucose among the prison population.

Last April 11, the Secretary had announced that it was suspending the entry of family members, after a custodian and 23 internal show symptoms of coronavirus and had to be isolated.

The symptoms were identified in the processes of entry and exit of the criminal, as one of the trustees presented high temperatures. Upon being questioned, the man reported that he had presented headaches and discomfort in the chest.

From the 31st of march, the guard, identified as Alexander, was doing guard duty in the Hospital General Vicente Villada, where they were confirmed two cases of COVID-19. Subsequently, in the criminal, was in charge of the surveillance of one of the inmates.

The owner of the SSEM, Maribel Cervantes, published through social networks some photographs of the sanitization process that is carried out in the prisons of the entity as part of the Contingency Plan of the Health of the Undersecretariat of Control Prison.

Mexico recorded this April 12 296 deaths per COVID-19, 23 deaths, more than the previous day, while the Government is considering to extend the social distancing measures, at least until the may 10.

The health authorities reported in a press conference that since the start of the pandemic the country takes 4 thousand 661 patients with confirmed, an increase of 442 cases in the last 24 hours, and a thousand 846 people have been cured.

The 4 thousand 661 cases of COVID-19 have been confirmed by the most of 36 thousand diagnostic tests carried out in the countryalthough the mexican Government estimates that the number of patients is 8.2 times greater, about 38 thousand 200 infections.

This is so because the health authorities in mexico apply the so-called ‘model sentinel’ surveillance, based on tests to a few specific cases and subsequently calculate the potential supply of the disease.

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